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Treasure Coast Real Estate | Casa Del Sol Tequesta Homes For ...

by starfish on May 27, 2012

Find Casa Del Sol Tequesta Homes For Sale and Casa Del Sol Tequesta Home Values. We also have information on mortgages, insurance, movers and other Treasure Coast Real Estate Services for anyone looking to sell or buy a home in beautiful Palm Beach COUNTY Florida.

Paul Kitchen and Starfish Team provide clients, family and close friends with professional, honest and dependable service. A resident of Treasure Coast, Paul is extremely familiar with the local neighborhoods including Casa Del Sol Tequesta, school districts and the Treasure Coast Real Estate market in this beautiful Florida town.

Paul Kitchen
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(800) 793-7304 toll free
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Report: Thompson Out, Media Man Levinsohn In As Yahoo?s Interim CEO

YahoologoWe're still confirming the news with Yahoo but AllThingsD's Kara Swisher is reporting that as of tomorrow, Scott Thompson will be leaving his role as CEO of Yahoo, and getting replaced, on an interim basis, by Ross Levinsohn, currently the global media head. Thompson's position has been mired in controversy since news broke the other week that he had lied about his qualifications -- and that situation seemed to be going from bad to worse as the company failed to act on the news in any significant way -- and Thompson remained in control. Some may even find the method in which he is finally going unsatisfactory: the company will apparently cite "personal reasons" for his departure, according to AllThingsD.

national championship game bcs game lsu vs alabama college football college football ncaa football brian van gorder development site reveals Notes and Reminders web apps

Earlier today a beta version of accidentally leaked 2 new web apps, Notes and Reminders, presumably coming to iCloud web-portal. These apps make perfect sense to be on,

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iMore Picks of the Week for May 12, 2012

Every week the editors at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This week's selections include a jailbreak app to manage off-device media, a sheet music app, an app for social networking, a video player that lets you watch old-school movies, and a popular virtual pinboarding app. To see what we picked, and to tell us your pick, follow on after the break!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beyonce Dazzles At Met Fashion Gala

Singer shines in New York alongside stars including Rihanna and Kristen Stewart.
By Jocelyn Vena

Beyoncé at the Met Fashion Gala
Photo: AFP

Beyoncé isn't letting motherhood slow her down. On Monday night, Queen B hit the red carpet at the splashy Costume Institute Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in a dress that left very little to the imagination.

Her sheer, skintight Givenchy haute couture gown was highlighted with black sequins and beading, as well as purple and black feathers on the floor-length hemline. The dress showed off her fit, curvaceous post-baby body. B was one of many fashionistas who dazzled at the annual fete.

Other fashionable standouts included Rihanna, who hit the event in a black, long-sleeved column gown with lizard-like printing over the fabric. Kristen Stewart also made a statement in a knee-length color-block Balenciaga dress. And "Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev glittered in a black one-shoulder Donna Karan gown that hugged her body.

Beyoncé's red-carpet-ready look arrived just as she announced that she's added another date to her set of comeback shows in Atlantic City later this month. The singer has added a fourth show to her Memorial Day weekend residency at the Revel entertainment center in the New Jersey shore town. Tickets for the May 28 show go on sale on May 14, according to

The singer's first shows since 2011 will take place in the smoke-free Revel's signature performance space, Ovation Hall, which was designed by a team of Cirque du Soleil veterans.

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Snooki Calls Out Haters, Bullies; Vows to Prove Critics Wrong With Parenting

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is determined to prove the skeptics wrong regarding her parenting skills this year - skills she says she's always had faith in.

The 24-year-old says she never doubted her own ability to raise a child.

"I can't wait to meet my kid!" she tells V's Americana Issue. "Everyone will be surprised to see a different side of me. I'm loving, caring, sensitive.

"I'm protective and very maternal, no matter what people might think."

Snooki Polizzi Picture

Polizzi is used to having people underestimate and tease her.

"I've been bullied my whole life. In high school, me and my girlfriends were freshmen and we were all pretty girls in cheerleading and stuff, so the older girls would bully us because all of their guys want to hang out with us," she says.

"I am to this day probably the No. 1 most-bullied celebrity," Snooki adds. "I really don't go with trends, I don't try to fit in like everyone else does in Hollywood. I just like to be different and I don't care."

The Jersey Shore star, who is set to star in her own spinoff (see Snooki & JWoww trailer), admits she has "a lot of haters." "I mean, people used to say I was fat when I was the hottest thing ever. Imagine what they say now."

Or don't, based on some comments on THG over the years.

Reality TV may be fleeting, but Snooki, who is engaged to marry Jionni LaValle, already has a plan to capitalize on the next phase of her life.

"My ideas are endless," she tells V, musing about her potential baby gear line. "Who wouldn't want a leopard-print rattle or a cheetah-print bib?"

We can think of a few million people ... but have at it.

Some more Snooki photos from this article ...

Snooki in V MagazineNicole Polizzi Image

[Photos: V Magazine]

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Andre 3000 To Play Jimi Hendrix In Biopic?

Outkast rapper will play legendary ax man, according to an online report.
By Kara Warner

Andre 3000
Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

The much-discussed yet long-delayed Jimi Hendrix biopic looks to be finally moving forward with a credible star attached: none other than Outkast's Andre Benjamin.

According to a report from the Irish Film and Television Network published on Monday (May 7), the Outkast rapper has been tapped to play the legendary ax man in an upcoming biopic titled "All Is by My Side." Set during Hendrix's time in England between 1966 and 1967, the film follows the icon as he began work on his debut, Are You Experienced, an album widely regarded by critics to feature some of the greatest guitar music ever created.

The feature film will be written and directed by John Ridley, whose previous work includes the screenplays for "Red Tails" and "U-Turn," as well as story credit on David O. Russell's "Three Kings."

Although he's more well-known for his contributions to music as part of the Grammy-winning hip-hop duo, Benjamin (a.k.a. Andre 3000) has had roles in several movies, including "Semi-Pro," "Idlewild" and "Four Brothers," and appeared on the FX TV series "The Shield."

"Considering his just-passable acting in 'Idlewild,' the jury's still out on whether Andre can carry a movie on his own," offered MTV News senior writer Gil Kaufman. "But given his virtual retirement from music since that movie's release — 'Semi-Pro' was a small step in the right direction — and word that he's been taking acting lessons, the Hendrix movie could do for him what 'Dreamgirls' did for Jennifer Hudson.

"Andre has the musical chops, the artistic sensibility and a devotion to his craft that makes me think he wouldn't take on this iconic role without knowing that he had something deep to offer," Kaufman continued. "Plus, as he's proven over and over with his many note-perfect, bulls-eye features on songs since he stopped recording his own albums, when he shoots, he shoots to kill."

MTV News reached out to Benjamin's representatives about the report but had not received comment at press time.

"All Is by My Side," not to be confused with Legendary Pictures' onetime plans to make a Hendrix biopic, is reportedly in pre-production with principal photography set to begin in three weeks in Dublin and Wicklow.

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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Should Mitt Romney worry about Ron Paul?

Mitt Romney is way ahead of Ron Paul in the delegate count. But Paul's enthusiastic forces have been effective in controlling state party apparatus, and this could impact the GOP convention.

Ron Paul has the proverbial snowball?s chance in Hades of becoming the Republican presidential nominee this year. Compared to presumptive front-runner Mitt Romney (switching clich?s) the image of gnat vs. elephant comes to mind.

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Texas congressman Paul has yet to win a primary election or caucus. Romney has accumulated 10 times as many delegates as Paul (847-80). And yet long after the withdrawal of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich (both of whom had won more than twice as many delegates as Paul before quitting), the dedicated libertarian keeps on keepin? on.

Should Romney be worried about Paul, nipping at his heels as the former Massachusetts governor pivots from the primary season to take on incumbent Barack Obama?

RECOMMENDED:?The roar of Ron Paul: Five of his unorthodox views on the economy

As he?s said many times, Paul is promoting a movement as much as a candidacy. In a nutshell, that means anti-big government and anti-war, eliminating five federal departments (Commerce, Education, Energy, Interior, and Housing and Urban Development), refusing to engage in foreign wars, cutting way back on foreign aid to Israel and other countries.

To keep his message out there he needs to stay a player, and 2012 probably is Paul?s last chance to do that on a national scale.

His chosen venue? Holding the Republican Party to its often-arcane delegate selection rules, especially in state party conventions.

In Maine and Nevada this weekend, Paul?s strategy gets another test. There, state conventions are scheduled to affirm the naming of delegates. In both states, GOP party officials clearly are worried that Paul supporters ? always an energetic force to be reckoned with ? could use state rules to gain delegates in a way that?s sure to rankle the Republican National Committee (RNC).

?The national Republican organization is?increasingly anxious?over the ability of the Paul campaign to take over state-level organizations, especially in states like Iowa and Nevada that have outsized importance on the nominating process,? the Hill newspaper reports. ?National Republicans worry that if grassroots party loyalists aren't supporting the presumptive nominee, the party could struggle against President Obama's fundraising and organizational efforts.?

Paul and Romney reportedly have a good personal relationship, But that hasn?t hampered Paul?s effort to rail against conventional GOP positions ? or his enthusiasm for the fight.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Obama to stump in Ohio, Virginia, with focus on economy (Los Angeles Times)

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THG Week in Review: April 29-May 5, 2012

Welcome to THG's Week in Review! Below, our staffers look back at the stories, stars and scandals that made the last seven days some of the craziest ALL MONTH.

If you don't already, FOLLOW THG on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook for 24/7/365 news. Every day, week and year, let us be your celebrity gossip source!

Now, a rundown of the week that was at The Hollywood Gossip:

Adam Yauch (MCA)Seau

Pregnant Jessica Simpson Photo

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Jade Iovine

What was the highlight of the week for you? Did we leave anything out?

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

What are you playing this weekend? #5 - Video Games Blogger

Here I?ll be sharing my video game picks for the end of the week, and suggesting some awesome current games for you to get into this weekend!

Hi gamers! It?s been a while since I last updated with what I?ve been playing lately. Last weekend I played through the PlayStation Network downloadable title: Journey. I was absolutely mesmerised by the gorgeous art direction, seamless gameplay and beautifully fitting soundtrack! The game truly exceeded my expectations, and I found it to be an extremely enjoyable experience ? especially when incorporating the co-op functionality. When you play with an anonymous companion online, you somehow grow attached to this other person aiding you on your Journey, even though the only means of communication between the two of you is a wordless shout. It?s truly a unique experience, whether you play alone or with a companion as you travel across vast landscapes and escape danger in order to reach your ultimate goal. I highly recommend this game if you haven?t played it already. I?ll be playing through it again this weekend!

Here?s the launch trailer for those of you who are unfamiliar with Journey:

Another game that I actually just started playing today is: Mirror?s Edge. The game?s been around for a while now, and has been on my ?to-play? list for too long. When I saw it available for a bargain price I knew it was time to finally pick it up, and I?m definitely not disappointed. The atmosphere and action in this game is fantastic, and it?s proven to be an enjoyable challenge so far. I?m also equally as impressed with the soundtrack which suits the game?s atmosphere perfectly, and although I?m more of a fan of the third person perspective, I think that the first person perspective suits the gameplay very well. I look forward to playing more this weekend!

For those of you haven?t played Mirror?s Edge yet, the game is available for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Here?s the launch trailer:

Also, if you?re a fan of the Mirror?s Edge soundtrack, feel free to listen to my cover of the game?s theme song ?Still Alive? here. :)

So what?s everyone playing this weekend? Have you also played the above mentioned games, and what are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments section below!

Game on!

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Dangerous glass fibers in cigarettes worsen lung damage for ...

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(NaturalNews) Shocking new research reveals that a specific type of lung cancer many smokers develop comes from tiny tears in their lung tissue caused by microscopic glass fibers, also known as glass wool, found in many conventional cigarette filters. These rips in the epithelial (soft) tissue fuel the development of tumors and cancerous cells due to the constant overload of toxins, namely pesticides, nicotine and ammonia, contained in commercial cigarette smoke.

The filters of typical commercial cigarettes contain microscopic, needle-shaped shards of glass wool (like fiberglass insulation) which escape into the mouth and throat, and then lodge with tobacco tar in the lung tissue, surrounding the alveoli (tiny air sacs) and lead to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), emphysema and eventually lung cancer.

A physician?s assistant (PA) and an intensive care nurse at a major hospital reviewed the damaged lung tissue of several cigarette smokers and said the x-rays looked identical to those of patients exposed to asbestos, and that diagnostic imaging revealed what looked like ?ground glass? which settled in the soft tissue near the bottom of the lungs (GGO ? ground glass opacity). The interviewed nurse said, ?When lung tissue is damaged over and over, it develops lesions, and the cancer plants itself in there like seeds.? (

According to the PA, the tiny shards penetrate the ?lipid bilayer, then embed in the lung tissue, causing the tissue to harden and eventually lose its ability to absorb oxygen.? This damage fuels the development of the same type of lung cancer (mesothelioma) associated with asbestos poisoning. He also explained how smoking destroys the cilia (tiny hairs) that help push excretions/mucus out, and how when smokers sleep, their breathing patterns relax and the ?tar deposits creep in on damaged air sacs called blebs, eventually rupturing and collapsing them.? This is why when smokers awake in the morning they can experience unproductive coughing fits and/or bronchial spasms.


The cigarette filter (butt) acts as a buffer from the extreme heat of the cigarette?s burning chemicals, which can exceed 1700 degrees Fahrenheit during inhale. Fibrous glass has the heat-resistant qualities of asbestos, which makes it an efficient material for insulation; however, if you?ve ever been in an attic and got insulation on your skin, you already know how irritating the glass fibers can be, so now imagine what it?s doing to the inside of a smoker?s lungs.

Up to 12,000 microscopic glass fibers are tightly bound together, which explains why filters take between 10 to 15 years to disintegrate. If the filter were simply cotton rolled tightly in paper, a few rainstorms would break it up and wash it away within weeks. Filters are also constructed to catch the tar and the tobacco particles from coming through, but not entirely.

Although fiberglass is not the same as asbestos, it can be just as damaging to the human body. The long, very narrow fibers penetrate deep into lung tissue and remain there. One study conducted with rats showed that fibrous glass is a potent carcinogen, leading to changes in the DNA genetic structure and breaking down the immune system. This is one reason smoker?s fight colds, the flu, sinus and bronchial infections for much longer periods of time than non-smokers. (

Independent studies reveal that commercial cigarettes with defective filters have been marketed for over 60 years. Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that develops in the protective lining of the lungs, abdomen, and/or the cavity around the heart, is most commonly associated with asbestos poisoning, but now research reveals that more than 10% of those cases are now associated with cigarette smokers with NO history of exposure to asbestos.

The tobacco industry has been negligent in failing to perform toxicological examinations to assess human health risks from inhaling and ingesting these synthetic micro-particles released from conventional cigarette filters. The recent ?warning ads? about the effects of smoking are not educational, nor do they help smokers understand strategies for cessation at all. The $54 million campaign full of ?stark and graphic advertisements? is nothing more than a ploy to pretend like the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) is trying to help with this massive, preventable health crisis. (

Thanks to absolutely no regulations regarding the ingredients used for manufacturing cigarettes, smokers are susceptible to multiple forms of lung disease, including desquamative interstitial pneumonitis from ground glass infiltration of the soft tissues, bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma, and pulmonary fibrosis, which are all revealed from specific lung biopsies (HR-CT scans). (

Once a smoker realizes what they?ve really got themselves into, they can prepare physically and mentally for quitting. 14AndOut is a 60 minute video download which addresses all angles of the smoking addiction, including chemical addiction, behavioral habits, and nutrition for cleansing the lungs and blood. No other program is so unique that fully addresses replenishing nutrients that have been severely depleted by the 4,000 commercial cigarette chemicals. A preview trailer and testimonials are available at the following link: (

14AndOut is a holistic program which is comprehensive and inexpensive, and teaches the smoker how to wean his/herself off cigarettes entirely in 14 days or less. The short course explains how smokers who have switched to e-cigs are still damaging their liver and kidneys by ingesting nicotine, which is the main chemical that feeds the vicious cycle of the smoking addiction. If you?re a smoker with a deep desire to escape the nicotine prison, 14AndOut is the way to extend your life.

Sources for this article include:

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?people have commented on this article.

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? Hemp Can Save the World ? new music video rocks the ?net with upbeat message about the hemp agricultural revolution

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch Wore Many Hats

In addition to his role as a rapper, Yauch was also involved in film and human rights efforts.
By Gil Kaufman

Adam Yauch
Photo: Getty Images

Like an intertwined set of fat laces on an old-school Adidas shell toe shoe, the verbal flow of the Beastie Boys was always seamless. MCA, AD-Rock and Mike D dipped in and out of each others lines and traded off verses like a three-headed hip-hop hydra, their flows unique, but always tightly packed.

With the death of Adam Yauch (aka MCA)
 on Friday (may 4) at the age of 47, that flow is forever interrupted, but the New York-born rapper's legacy lives on not just in his rhymes but in his many efforts outside the scope of his MC role. While the B-Boys always presented a united front in the studio and on stage, MCA was a renaissance man whose many interests ranged from direction videos and movies to his decades-long efforts to aid the cause of Tibetan freedom.

Along with lending his indelible, rough-hewn voice
 voice to the trio's eight studio albums, Yauch was a cinephile who used the group's bully pulpit explore his second passion: directing. Under the pseudonym Nathaniel Hornblower (aka Yauch's mustachioed Swiss "uncle"), Yauch directed a number of the band's most innovative and eye-popping videos, including the robot attack clip for "Intergalactic," the Italian spy spoofing "Body Moving," as well as the 2006 Beasties documentary, "Awesome: I F--kin' Shot That!"

He also directed and produced the 2008 street basketball documentary "Gunnin' For that #1 Spot," which the first title released by his film company, Oscilloscope Laboratories. Since then, Oscilloscope has become the home of a steady flow of interesting and offbeat documentaries and features, including "We Need to Talk About Kevin," "Flow," "Bellflower," "Wendy & Lucy," the environmental docu-comedy "No Impact Man," the Banksy movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and 2009 Sundance darling, "The Messenger."

As Hornblower, he was behind the camera for the 20-minute star-studded remake of the band's 1996 frat boy anthem "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party),"
 in which "Eastbound and Down"
 star Danny McBride stepped into MCA's iconic leather jacket.

Oscilloscope is also releasing one of the most anticipated head-trip movies in decades this summer, "Samsara," an HD visual spectacle that is a sequel of sorts to the 1992 70-MM non-narrative classic "Baraka," as well as a documentary about LCD Soundsystem's final show, "Shut Up and Play the Hits."

Yauch, a Buddhist, was also passionate about the cause of Tibetan freedom. He was one of the co-founders in 1994 of the Milarepa Fund, a non-profit organization that raised money for and promoted the cause of the Tibetan people's desire to break free from the People's Republic of China.

After donating money to the cause through royalties from a pair of songs from the Check Your Head album that sampled the chanting of Tibetan Monks, Yauch oversaw the launch of the annual Tibetan Freedom Concerts. The first one, in 1996, took place in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and raised nearly $1 million for Tibetan exile groups thank to sets by the Smashing Pumpkins, A Tribe Called Quest, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, De La Soul and Rage Against the Machine.

Subsequent shows took place in 1997 in New York (U2, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Michael Stipe and Mike Mills of R.E.M.), Washington, D.C. in 1998 (Dave Matthews Band, Wyclef Jean, Pearl Jam, KRS-One), Amsterdam, Wisconsin, Sydney and Tokyo in 1999 (Run-DMC, the Roots, Garbage, Alanis Morissette) Tokyo (2001) and Taipei (2003).

Share your condolences for MCA's family, friends and fans in the comments below.

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Kick-Ass Automated Berkeley Dorm Violates College Rules [Video]

Earlier this week we showed you the inside of Derek Low's insanely automated college room. Sadly, the draconian forces that be at Berkeley are calling Low in to a judicial hearing because his room violates their housing policy. More »

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