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'Hunger Games': Donald Sutherland Cast as President Snow

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Donald Sutherland

The pivotal role of President Snow has been cast in Lionsgate?s adaptation of Suzanne Collins? trilogy, The Hunger Games.

Donald Sutherland will star alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Woody Harrelson, Lionsgate announced Tuesday.

In Collins? novel, President Snow is described as ?cruel and ruthless in his intimidation and control tactics,? ruling over Panem and its contained districts for 25-plus years. He and District 12 tribute Katniss (Lawrence) have a contentious relationship throughout the series.

Also starring in Hunger Games, slated for a March 23, 2012 release, is Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, Lenny Kravitz, Paula Malcolmson and Wes Bentley.

Sutherland, repped by CAA and Special Artists Agency, can be seen in the upcoming films Sofia and Horrible Bosses, as well as the Treasure Island TV adaptation.?

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Five Usual Law Of Attraction Mistakes | Easy Self Help Tips

Without any doubt, the widespread Law of Attraction does not always work only that way which you want. Well, why is this so? Of course, there is one thing that is actually standing between your success and you: yourself! In fact, in this article we are going to discuss five usual mistakes that numerous individuals certainly make when they are attempting to utilize that sort of law.

Firstly, you don?t need to think that positive thinking is certainly enough to attract anything that you want. And so positive thinking definitely occurs on your conscious level. Well, that?s why that type of thinking is not enough. In addition, it is also essential for belief to enter your subconscious level as well.

Besides, you don?t need to become impatient. It is necessary for you to remember that all actions obviously carry with them opposite and also equal reactions. For sure, it is quite essential for some other environmental conditions to be appropriate.

Moreover, you don?t need to determine ahead of time how and when particularly you are going to attract anything that you want. Thus it is possible to become very and very focused on what you really think is going to happen and miss that event when it actually occurs.

And additionally, you don?t need to let your personal emotions be led by just external evidence. Well, in order to get all advantages and benefits of the widespread Law of Attraction it is necessary for you to believe that anything that you are able to see is an exact result of what you?ve been attracting to that certain point.

And finally, you need to remove each limiting belief that you have. Thus there are numerous occasions in which all of us actually fall into our self-defeating period because we are certainly unable to control all our attitudes and also thoughts of subconscious.

Have you ever dreamt of your own reality? I guess yes. Moreover I think practically everyone would like to find some sort of Science of Getting Rich. You know, it is real to live in the way you want. You need to know as a man thinketh and learn how to attract right events. Review this Law of attraction site to get more details on this.

Also take advantage of the online network as there you can find lots of related info.

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Sasquatch 2011: Flying Lotus, Live In Concert

Flying Lotus performs at the 2011 Sasquatch Music Festival.
Enlarge Alex Crick for KEXP

Flying Lotus performs at the 2011 Sasquatch Music Festival.

Alex Crick for KEXP

Flying Lotus performs at the 2011 Sasquatch Music Festival.

Language Advisory: This is a live concert recording, and may not contain language suitable for all audiences.

Steven Ellison, who produces and performs under the name Flying Lotus, has carved out an interesting niche for himself. Although his sound is rooted firmly in the heavily computerized worlds of contemporary hip-hop and electronic dance music, his latest album, 2010's Cosmogramma, was filled with more organic textures. This "anything goes" approach to composition also informs his live performances, which find Ellison giddily layering samples like a small child with an army of toys at his disposal.

During interviews, Ellison has frequently stated that his live sets feel like "more of a party" than his albums, which are more of a solitary, headphone-friendly listening experience. Frequently this means that he plays at a higher tempo and with a greater focus on heavily percussive drum loops.

During his set at Sasquatch Ellison starts things off at a slightly slower pace, layering slinky, shimmering synth lines underneath Lil' Wayne vocal samples and gently shuffling beats. The pace does pick up considerably toward the end of his set though, with two of his own tracks, "GNG BNG" and "Do the Astral Plane," followed later by Radiohead's "Idioteque," a quietly simmering piece of electronica that has become one of his live staples.

Recorded live at The Gorge on Sunday, May 29, Flying Lotus performs live at the 2011 Sasquatch Music Festival outside Seattle, Wash.

Source: http://www.npr.org/2011/05/23/136580098/sasquatch-2011-flying-lotus-live-in-concert?ft=1&f=1109

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Skylon space plane gets a thumbs-up (images)

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Job Search Need help? Here are three tips to land your dream job ...

For many people, conduct search of work or a chore or a nightmare. With the right tools and job search assistance, however, the job search can be an adventure that lands you your dream job. Here are three tips to put you on the path to fulfillment careers.Design PlanJust as you are not home, not a set of blueprints, you should not do search work without a plan. Your plan should start with your goal. This is not the career for you state at the top of your resume. Instead, the goal of your career getting paid to do something you love. Once you have identified your passion, the next step is to study what types of jobs will be paid to connect with your passion. From there, you need to define the skills needed to achieve this dream. If you do not have these skills, you figure to take intermediate steps, such as registration of certain classes or to accept a lower position, where you can get to training, so in order to achieve its goal. Internet Job SearchThe Internet an indispensable tool and can provide you with an abundance of job search assistance. You can certainly do your research on the Internet, but more importantly, you can do the job of interactive networks. Once you know your career goals, you can identify websites designed for those who are already in the position you want. What could be better to run networks to find a mentor online job? Those industries, trade magazines (and the fact that the magazine industry trade?) Often have ads in their magazines. Your search for web sites work should include regular visits to the trade magazine to browse through them wanted ads. Because you have identified your career goal, you will not have to mess with web sites of more general job search. You can specify your search and get the inside track. Summary TipsWhen comes to your resume, you

NVIDIA brings GTX 560M and Optimus to mobile gaming - Hardware

by Steven Mostyn - May 30 2011, 11:29');


Channelling the long-established performance of its GTX brand into portable gaming, NVIDIA has this week unveiled the new GeForce GTX 560M, which promises to deliver substantial enhancements such as support for Optimus graphics-switching and improved 1080p frame rates.


By bringing the Optimus platform to mobile computers, NVIDIA will enable gamers to conserve invaluable battery reserves by utilising their hardware?s built-in Intel graphics solution, which is considerably less power-hungry and better suited for more everyday tasks.


And, with power safely saved, the GTX 560M should then allow hardened games players to enjoy the likes of Crysis 2, Duke Nukem Forever and other graphics-intensive titles in smooth Full 1080p HD.


Once the GTX 560M is fired up, it should provide a frame rate of up to 50 fps when all associated gameplay settings (on taxing titles such as Crysis 2) are pushed to maximum, according to NVIDIA.


Other contributing aspects aboard the GeForce GTX 560M include support for Direct X 11, NVIDIA 3D Vision, NVIDIA PhysX technology, NVIDIA Cuda, and systems running SLI configurations.


Initial computer hardware carrying both the GTX 560M and Optimus technology will be offered up by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Alienware and Toshiba.


Those set to deliver just the GTX 560M on notebook platforms include ASUS, Clevo and MSI.

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Source: http://www.thetechherald.com/article.php/201122/7214/NVIDIA-brings-GTX-560M-and-Optimus-to-mobile-gaming

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Business Management and Business Plans

Rare Sense is the ability to think in a level-headed manner and gain the fact-based perception that produces and promotes business breakthroughs.

This is important because it could place a company on the vanguard of expertise and product manufacturing which may then lead to a higher stage of success than that of competitors gov resources review.

Training is sweet for both the veteran sales manager or somebody that?s seeking to get into management. In either scenario formal training will help increase your gross sales staff?s numbers and let you achieve new levels of success.

Know and Correct Your Weaknesses ? Being successful means having the ability to identify and correct weaknesses. Profitable business individuals are not afraid to acknowledge their weak areas, by doing so they become more efficient as an alternative of having to manage anger used private jets for sale.

One thing is certain, when you include enter out of your employees, the better and more specific your enterprise objectives will be, and compliance will benefit since employees will be more likely to obtain these objectives. To not mention the fact that whenever you sit down to help establish the group?s objectives in this manner, it can also be where problem solving and the solution process truly begins, because as soon as a problem is identified it usually open a conversation, which results in the identification of some potential solutions.

With this in mind you should not only set goals for all the company but in addition work with small groups and individuals to help your whole staff to establish common goals. At the departmental level this may be better employee performance, better attendance and elevated sales. For people these aims could be to turn into extra organized or can be to get the training to allow them to transfer forward in the company.

Most professionals want not to take programs during the business day as it interferes with their careers.

The convenience and flexibility of on-line coaching makes it possible to learn new skills without the necessity of travel or attending off-site workshops anxiety attacks symptoms.

The improve in general profitability of your small business is the benefit of all, as a result of all employees will receive pay raises and other advantages if the company does well and this will be a motivation for everyone to do their part how to have a great business management skills .

Source: http://reviewreport.org/business-management-and-business-plans-37/

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Quick Unsecured Loans - Easy Money For Urgent Demands | All About ...

Money is required to face unforeseen and emergency needs or expenses. But to cover up all aspects of expenses, you might not be well prepared financially. To disperse the expenses you might seek for a financial support. To make yourself financially strong and to diffuse the unexpected expenses click on to quick unsecured loans.

You can borrow the quick unsecured loans at any period of the month. But for availing the loan you need to be eligible with certain criteria which are as follows:

? You must not be below the age of 18 years

? You must be an employee on permanent basis

? You must hold an account with up to validity in a bank

If you possess the required eligibility, the lenders will transfer the loan amount to your given account number.

The amount that you can borrower has limitations which are up to maximum ? 1,200 and minimum ? 100. The lenders might approve more amount of fund if the applicants have a reliable or positive credit score. In quick unsecured loans, reimbursement span extends to 31 days from the date of approval of loans. The lucrative repayment policy of the quick unsecured loans has made it more suitable for the borrowers. If the borrowers face any discrepancy in repayment period, then they can extend the due date according to their repaying convenience. Lenders allow such changes in repayment date by charging an extra fee excluding the interest rate.

Quick unsecured loans allocate fund without demanding any sort of collateral from the applicants, if they qualify with the above mentioned criteria. Keeping in mind the necessity of the urgent situations, quick unsecured loans are approved without any delay to the applicants.

The doors of quick unsecured loans are opened for every sorts of credit holding person. Despite of CCJs, defaults, arrears and such bad credit marks, you can avail the cash you are looking for.

Application, approval and collection of information regarding quick unsecured loans has becomes easier than expectations with the introduction of online technology. The electronic application device is fast and saves time of the applicants.

Simon Peyton has done his masters in finance from CPIT. He is engaged in providing free, professional, and independent advice to the residents of the UK.

He works for the Loans Fiesta. For any type of loans as loansfiesta.co.uk/unsecured_loans.html Quick unsecured loans, secured loan uk,secured homeowner loan in uk,secured home improvement loans please visit loansfiesta.co.uk loansfiesta.co.uk

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Dayton wants to save the Trade Office he once wanted to dump (Star Tribune)

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On-line Laptop Service Takes The Problem Of Any Laptop Associated ...

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On-line PC Assist is turning into an increasing number of common in these epochs of superior technologies. Similar is the condition with on-line pc repair. Laptops and computers have undeniably change into an integral part of our each day lives. Be it PC Tech Assist, Computer Repair, Computer Help, or Pc Knowledge Recovery Companies, Wireless Pc Service, Computer Options, PC solutions; On-line Computer Service provider will see to it that your pc drawback is solved within matter of seconds, if course depending on the severity of your PC problem.

The procuring of a laptop computer or a computer is the straightforward part, which is extra crucial is the maintenance part. Some occasions you?ll face security problems reminiscent of viruses, malwares and spywares and also you computer tends to grow to be totally slow. What you might want to do is to Make Your Laptop Quicker or in other phrases Pace up Your Computer by contacting On-line Computer Restore service providers.

There are occasions while you lose your personal data if your PC is affected. In such milieus, you must go for Pc Backup Resolution or Computer Knowledge Restoration Services. The World Huge Internet is one of the best place to look for Home PC Providers and Computer Restore Services. However the sheer number of such net portals focusing on Computer Solutions will surely sweep you off your feet.

You?ll appear perplexed as to which service provider to pick. Be it any {hardware} malfunction or a software drawback these online Computer Support service providers will deal with that. For somebody who?s continuously facing laptop points, on-line laptop computer support proffers you the simplest resolution to resuming your computing functionalities.

Not solely can it ship a professional technician to repair your laptop computer issues if wanted, it should moreover information you on what to try and do to restore your laptop computer issues. Counting on the severity or complexity of the matter you may be given sound suggestion and recommendations on the way in which to deal with issues and restart your laptop computer as if nothing happened.

During this light-weight, it eliminates pointless repair wants. Additionally, on-line and distant laptop restore services won?t rise for fees except they want seen real points alongside with your laptop. Because you?re equipped with competent and educated technicians this suggests that you just are given a laptop computer restore professional that?s conscious of the way to handle any form of drawback. This implies that apart from your reported drawback, they will even detect various unseen issues along along with your laptop computer and have them mounted quickly.

The notion of remote laptop repair has caught on within the majority of nations. The rationale for its surprising accomplishment may be attributed to the existence of internet and its extensive reach. In current world, just about all people proudly owning a pc has an online association. It?s this concern that the online pc repair companies financial institution on to realize their clientele. As for the shopper, all he needs could also be a pc with an internet association to resolve the bulk laptop related issues. At occasions, maintenance is offered via the phone in case no entry to the computer is offered by the net.

About The Writer

Daniel has been writing articles online for almost 5 years now. Not solely does this writer specialise in Computers and Technology, you too can check out his latest web site on how one can convert MP4 to AVI with MP4 to AVI converter which also helps people find the best MP4 to AVI converter on the market.

Computers and Technology computers, technology

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Common Services Provided by Calgary Roofing Companies?Easy Home ...

Certain parts of our home are as essential as the roof. Think of all the important functions it serves. It?s difficult to think that people usually do not think of their roofs as much as they should. Often, they are only bothered, if a problem is seen, as seepage or critical destruction has been done to it from a hurricane.

As in the case, to create and maintain a roof scheme ensemble completed of clay roof tiles, roofing shops usually offer a range of facilities, all of which are pertinent to the form and roof resources as well as those finished of clay tiles. Roofs prepared of clay tiles in urbanized homes frequently call for repairs and preservation in order to protect their investments through a longer period. These are the several services offered by Calgary roofing companies:

Roof Replacement - Clay roof tiles replaced should not be considered lightly. This is difficult work and absolutely complex as comprehensively as roofing companies are implicated. Replacing a roof prepared of clay tiles is not as easy as it sounds. The roofer, your rooftop and settle especial attentiveness to any inconsistencies. Every home ceramic tile roof has its individual distinctive features that make it separate from every home. Calgary roofing companies take this into account in making sure that the roof stays the same.

Re-roofing isn?t always just shingles. It can also be accomplished with clay roof tiles or concrete tiles, each one of which come in certain styles. Like slate, clay roof floorboard is fire-resistant, water-resistant and mildew-proof, allowing it to be exceedingly low withholding. Most roofing companies that mount clay tile roofing advise homeowners that the large clay roof tiles can occasionally need added roof backup. Homeowners are likely to select tiles for the Southwest, Spanish or Italian because of the looks it raises.

Roof Repair - Roof repair is not roughly slapping on some tar or cover up any holes with a load of floorboard. Repair works done by Calgary roofing companies have not solved it in this method since it is only a temporary measure and it can?t expand your roof?s duration. When you want to have your home roof repair, it is more price effective to take a quality revamp that will lengthen your roof?s expediency over lifetime.

Roof Maintenance - These are preventive actions against continuing or short-term destruction to your home clay tile roof. Maintenance opportunities for Calgary roofing companies is a way to prolong the life of roof tile. It is fundamental to every home to carryout the necessary preservation roof if they want their clay roof tiles to be durable and withstand grueling weather environment.

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Discover How To Get Freelance Publishing ... - Public Speaking Topics

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Wish here is beginning your practice ones freelance vocation penned? There are various hiking trails to help achievements being a freelance article author, although there are plenty of essential ways of which virtually any article author desires to enjoy a freelance publishing vocation your intention is sturdy. (That commonly will also apply to these who want to complete the task from the World-wide-web home market freelance publishing.)

To shop regarding how to be attaining some sort of freelance article author who correctly, contemplate a great number of the guidance underneath. You can easlily employ these individuals getting some sort of view major effects.

Prime, on-line. There are tons Jobs For Writers you could receive on-line plus a fortunate note with normally, this is of which, some sort of freelance page author in this get the job done may be accomplished your own house. Basically, most need not experience ones content with non-public. World-wide-web is usually only 1 strong software to use to achieve the effort with freelance publishing.

Minute, it is important to produce a circle of men and women which is performed no matter whether getting started with this blogging platforms. 0 web page. The importance in rise of which, you possibly can create your buddies on-line in combination with finally will probably advocate anyone to some others requiring persons to undertake a couple Freelance Writing You can find gurus from the rank associated with websites of which identify internet writers who might possibly be given that will unique chores. Likewise, you?ll discover corporations that want getting some news release article writer, copywriter in addition to internet site repair particular.

The great thing in connection with freelance publishing task is invariably the point that you may store your using some frequent task whilst nonetheless being create intended for freelance give good results. That may be great within the resourceful vocation, you can apply freelance get the job done in addition to without the need of decreasing ones pay inside of a frequent task.

There are various freelance prospective buyers to repay lots which enables it to satisfy or exceed, possibly, along with your regular monthly profits. Nonetheless, the effort connected with the help of publishing though giving better security precautions.

Some people are searhing to get freelance publishing tasks in the net. Be sure that you are often reasonably competitive plenty of to help you overcome folks from your location connected with small business on-line along with from the reasonably competitive earth linked to freelance publishing tasks.

Freelance Writing Jobs presented copious amounts of the very most specially when the online world appeared to be set up. Article author delegated to accomplish all sorts of web-sites to write downwards necessary.. This article author is usually significant towards World-wide-web mainly because they?re the approaches just who produce substantive site subject material, facts messages, for illustration.

Source: http://www.public-speaking-topics.com/wordpress/discover-how-to-get-freelance-publishing-assignments-on-line.html

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Homeschool versus Public School ? Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Welcome! I'm so glad you've found Balancing Beauty and Bedlam. Come join me in our never ending pursuit of balancing it all...for less money. If you're new, you may like to subscribe for free updates. Subscribe via RSS to updates in your favorite feed reader, or via email to have new posts delivered directly to your inbox by email. Thanks for visiting. I'm glad we're on this journey together!

homeschooling Home School, Private School or Public School: Touchy Subject

A recent post on the New York Times parenting site made this statement. ?There are certain words you learn to use carefully when you write about parenting. Breastfeeding is one. Co-sleeping is another. Home schooling is on the list, too. These are words that tend to divide parents by world views that they did not necessarily even know they had.?

Educational choices are such a touchy subject, and like the quote above, one may step on toes with out any intention of doing so, just by bringing up the discussion of school choice. Since I am a home school veteran and a trainer/speaker within the home school community, I?m often asked why I don?t address more home school subjects on this blog.

People want to know why I home school, what curriculum we use, how to handle specific issues for various grades, along with a myriad of other topics. Two and a half years ago when I began Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, I had this crazy idea that I could write a separate blog just for our home school journey. HA, that was when I didn?t really even know what a blog was, and before I realized? how time consuming this one blog would become.

As much as I would love to address home school topics for those of you who are curious, I just don?t have the time to focus and give them the concentrated time to effectively communicate my vision through written posts, nor is that what I am called to write about now. Honestly, I don?t mind heart to heart conversations on topics that tend to be potentially confrontational, and based on The New York Times post, this is one of them, but those conversations I prefer to have in real life.

Home schooling is a complete lifestyle for our family, and that philosophy weaves in and out of every aspect of our life. Our oldest will be 18 in November, and we have been home schooling since the beginning. There has been just one exception to that this year, our two oldest sons took? three classes at a local military academy that enabled them to play football with their high school team. While we will not continue there this upcoming year, it was a great option for the interim.

As parents, each of us are the final authority on our children. We know our children best. We have studied them. We know their personalities, needs, quirks, and no one loves our children more than we do. With that underlying premise, you will never hear me share on this blog that everyone should home school their children. I can not begin to be anyone?s Holy Spirit, nor would I make a judgment call for anyone, since that is such a personal choice for each family.

I have strong convictions for our family, but again, this is something our family has been called to, not necessarily yours.? I am only responsible for my children, no one else?s, and it?s frustrating to me when any kind of ?side,? so to speak, presumes to tell others what to do when they haven?t walked in their shoes.

Honestly, I believe that every mom out there is a home school mom.

What, you say? I could never home school my child! Trust me, every single one of us are home school moms. Since birth, you have been, and still are, the primary educator of your child whether you choose to put them in public, private or school them at home. You are continually teaching your child so many important things on a daily basis, in school and out. Your calling is to love, nurture, guide and educate them on all sorts of life issues, and as a mom, that role should never be abdicated. Again, that will look different in every home.

I will be your cheerleader and encourage you to be the most intentional, hands-on parent that you can be for your family. My desire is to help cast a long term generational parenting vision. If some of you choose to look into home schooling as an option, then I am honored if I had any role in that, but that is not the goal of my blog.

Since I am one of the home school speakers at a large conference this weekend, I thought this was an appropriate time to answer just one of the questions that I have avoided in my inbox due to time constraints, and since 66 % of you have children in public school, 20% have children in private school and 26% home school their children, this will never become a home school blog. There are fabulous ones that do that so well already.? (These stats are based on my reader survey and yes, the answers equal more than 100% since some have children in all three forms of education.

So will I blog more about home schooling? Not necessarily, but what you will continue to see in terms of home schooling posts are those life learning lessons that are sprinkled through out our home which any parent can glean from whether they have children in public, private or home school. (And yes, many of those life lessons center around frugality in some form or the other.)


pixel Home School, Private School or Public School: Touchy Subject

Source: http://beautyandbedlam.com/homeschool-versus-public-school/

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A Last Gift: Father Finishes Book After Son's Death

Darrell Griffin Sr. visits his son grave twice a month. The ritual is always the same: He lights two sticks of his son's favorite incense and adds a fresh bouquet of sunflowers.
Gloria Hillard

Darrell Griffin Sr. visits his son grave twice a month. The ritual is always the same: He lights two sticks of his son's favorite incense and adds a fresh bouquet of sunflowers.

It's been more than four years since Army Staff Sgt. Darrell Griffin Jr. was killed while serving in Iraq. When he died, he had been collaborating with his father on a book about the war.

Standing next to his son's grave, Darrell Griffin Sr. translates the abbreviated carvings of the headstone. Etched in the white marble, they remind you of an ancient language. First are the letters B-S-M-V.

"What that stands for is bronze star metal with valor," he says. "And PH is Purple Heart, KIA is killed in action."

He used to visit every Sunday. Now he comes here at least twice a month. The ritual is always the same: He lights two sticks of his son's favorite incense. The small chimes he brought here years ago dance in the breeze above a new bouquet of sunflowers.

"He always loved sunflowers," Griffin says. "I mean, remember, he was a big tough guy but he loved sunflowers."

Military grave markers only allow a few words ? most begin with the word "Beloved." This one reads: "Husband, son and brother." But the father realized he had more to say.

Back home, the walls of Griffin's office are lined with books. But the one he is holding in his hands is his most cherished. He flips through the pages.

They are underlined, highlighted with bright colors and bookmarked with post-it notes. On the cover it lists two authors: Darrell Griffin Sr. and Darrell Griffin Jr.

Army Staff Sgt. Darrell Griffin Jr. was killed in March 2007 in Iraq by a sniper.
Enlarge Courtesy of Darrell Griffin Sr.

Army Staff Sgt. Darrell Griffin Jr. was killed in March 2007 in Iraq by a sniper.

Courtesy of Darrell Griffin Sr.

Army Staff Sgt. Darrell Griffin Jr. was killed in March 2007 in Iraq by a sniper.

"Once when he was real little, he said, 'Dad, did I have to take your name because we couldn't afford another one?' And I always remember that," Griffin says.

The book is titled Last Journey, A Father and Son in Wartime. It is a compilation of hundreds of emails, letters ? and his son's journal.

"This is where he started his journal: 'I am attempting to create an account of two tours of combat in Iraq as an infantryman. I'm trying to make sense of a world that I'd never known until the first time I had to kill a man.'"

Griffin says he knew when his son was frightened because he would sign his emails with Skip or Skipper, his childhood nickname. "Dear Mom and Dad, I'm convoying within hours and just ask that you pray for me and believe for me because I can't right now ... I will email you as soon as I get there, Skipper."

Their last conversation was on his son's 36th birthday.

"He said, 'Dad I'm just tired. I just want to come home.' And he never talked like that to us before," Griffin says.

A week later, a sniper's bullet killed Darrell Griffin Jr. Overcome with grief, his father knew he had to complete the book they had started together ? inspired by their conversations; musings and questions about God ? and shaped by war. But first, there was something else he had to do.

After his son died, Griffin traveled to Baghdad and then by Black Hawk helicopter to Camp  Striker where his son's unit was located.
Enlarge Courtesy of Darrell Griffin Sr.

After his son died, Griffin traveled to Baghdad and then by Black Hawk helicopter to Camp Striker where his son's unit was located.

Courtesy of Darrell Griffin Sr.

After his son died, Griffin traveled to Baghdad and then by Black Hawk helicopter to Camp Striker where his son's unit was located.

"Nobody believed I could go to Iraq because they don't allow parents to go the war zone," Griffin says.

With the help of his congressman and Gen. David Petraeus, Griffin traveled to Baghdad, then by Black Hawk helicopter to Camp Striker, where his son's unit was located.

One night, he couldn't sleep so he decided to take a walk and then he heard another set of boots on the ground.

"And it was my son," he says. "And it was absolutely unequivocally my son, not an image, not a dream. I was walking and there was my son. And in his normal vernacular, he said, 'Dad, what the F are you doing here?' He said, 'This is dangerous.' And before I could answer, he said, 'Don't worry about me, I'm in a good place.' And then he was gone."

Last Journey will always be the last gift to his son. Griffin picks up his copy.

"And I can see him smiling, knowing this is what he left me as his last gift," he says.

The gift of not only the worn book in his hands, but the courage to realize his long-held dream of being a writer. The 58-year-old former CPA is now working on his second book.

Source: http://www.npr.org/2011/05/28/136690878/a-last-gift-father-finishes-book-after-sons-death?ft=1&f=7

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Million Dollar 'Home Based Business' Game Plan | HugePocket.com

bit.ly Million Dollar ?Home Based Business? Game Plan Home Business ? Home Based Business ? Work From Home ? MLM ? Work ? Our business magazine offers home business information on work from home and work at home and articles ranging from telecommuting and home office furniture ? Digital Magazine ? TOP BIZ?S ? Advertise ? Start-up-guide www.homebusinessmag.com Homebusiness start an online business | home based business for women | work at home jobs | christian home based business | free home business opportunities ? www.homebusiness.com Home Business ? 10 Best Home Business Ideas and Opportunities I tested 100?s of home business opportunities and here?s the 10 best! home-business.com Starting Home Business ? Home Business Ideas ? Researching ? Apr 14, 2011 ? Learn about how to research and identify home business opportunities, the proper way to set-up a home business and ideas on how to manage ? 9 Part-Time Businesses ? 5 Top Hobbies You Can Turn Into a ? ? Manage & Grow homebusiness.about.com Home Business Research ? Legitimate Online Home Business Opportunities Research tools for successful home business start up and management. Legitimate home business opportunities and information on making money at home. www.homebusinessresearch.com Home Based Business Opportunity : Home Business Best real online home based business opportunity listings. Free home business ideas. Everything you need for success in your home based business. www.bestrealincome.com Home ?

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4 fun and Easy Ideas To Get You

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Home Based Business Thought: 7 Important Aspects That

Make Money Home Based Business

Legitimate Work at Home Business Tips: What to

The Greatest Home Based Business Work at Home

Dimensions of Work at Home Business Plan

Top 5 Billion Dollar Business From Home Ideas

  1. 4 fun and Easy Ideas To Get You Started With Make Money Home Based Business
  2. Starting Home Based Business-Best Work from Home Business Opportunity Online
  3. Home Based Business Thought: 7 Important Aspects That Constitute The Most Effective Work-at-home Business
  4. Make Money Home Based Business
  5. Legitimate Work at Home Business Tips: What to Look For in a Home Based Business
  6. The Greatest Home Based Business Work at Home Job
  7. Dimensions of Work at Home Business Plan
  8. Top 5 Billion Dollar Business From Home Ideas

Source: http://hugepocket.com/million-dollar-home-based-business-game-plan/

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

'Career-Defining' Moment for Matt Hamill vs. Rampage Jackson

LAS VEGAS ? Of all the fighters in the UFC's reasonably stacked light heavyweight division, Matt Hamill is among the hottest.

And despite five straight wins, he doesn't seem to mind being a little overlooked ? for now. Sure, one of those wins was a disqualification victory against Jon Jones, Jones' only loss, on a technicality in a fight he was dominating. But Hamill has been asking for the kind of fights that will move him from middle-of-the-pack fighter to top contender.

Against Quinton Jackson on Saturday in the main event of UFC 130, a win would quickly elevate him in the division. Jackson is a nearly 3/1 favorite, but that doesn't bother Hamill (10-2, 9-2 UFC).

"I've probably been the underdog for the last five fights," Hamill said at Wednesday's pre-fight press conference at the MGM Grand. "I love to be the underdog."

A closer look at Hamill's history with the oddsmakers reveals that this is only the fourth time he's been an underdog in the UFC ? and the first three were against his Season 3 housemate on "The Ultimate Fighter," Michael Bisping, Rich Franklin and Jon Jones. Along with Jackson, underdog status is understandable for all those fights.

But Hamill's point is not lost ? he's kicked around in the middle of the division, and he's ready to make the leap. Count UFC president Dana White as someone who has noticed.

"Obviously Rampage Jackson is one of the best in the world at 205 pounds," White said. "This is a huge fight for Matt Hamill. He's had some good wins ? he beat (Keith) Jardine, (Mark) Munoz, Tito (Ortiz). A win over Rampage would be huge. This is one of those career-defining moments for Matt Hamill should he be able to pull off the win on Saturday night."

Considering White also said a win by Rampage puts him "in the mix for a title shot," a Hamill upset could disrupt a potential title fight between Jackson and Jones.

But Hamill last week alluded to the stair-step mentality he has taken in his career. His dominant unanimous decision win at UFC 121 last fall over Ortiz, his coach on Season 3 of TUF, is what he believes pushed him to the level that has him a shot against Jackson, a former light heavyweight champ, on Saturday.

"It's going to help me improve my career," Hamill said through his translator. "Beating Tito definitely put me in line to get some big fights like this, and I knew I was ready for the next level. I'm just really glad I'm here."

It was a fight that Jackson initially didn't want much to do with, and Hamill said he understood why and didn't blame him ? that Jackson should be taking on fighters in the Top 5. But when Hamill said his goal was to break Jackson's will, Jackson emerged from the land of apathy and got into the fight.

"I think Matt made a mistake when he actually said that he's going to break my will and that I'm going to overlook him," Jackson said. "It actually lit a fire up under my ass and made me try a little bit harder just so I can break his will ? so I can make sure I outclass him. That's why I worked a lot on my wrestling, a lot extra on my cardio and extra on getting up off my back just in case he does take me down."

That's just where Hamill plans on taking the fight, saying he believes Jackson has become too reliant upon his standup game through the years and less focused on his wrestling. "That's why I want him," Hamill said.

Six straight wins in the light heavyweight division, a feat matched right now only by Phil Davis thanks to Jones' DQ loss, would be enough to put the upper echelon of the class on notice. Forget questions about Jackson's motivation for the fight. Hamill has his own motivation.

"I figured Rampage would be eying Rashad Evans or a rematch with Forrest Griffin or what have you," Hamill said. "I thought that Rampage would believe that this match is not in his league. But it's my next chance to prove that I am in his league."

Source: http://mmafighting.com/2011/05/28/career-defining-moment-for-matt-hamill-vs-rampage-jackson/

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Obesity ? It is Possible to Stop It - Health Fitness Club

Obesity and its particular medical illnesses will be the Number one reason for death in the usa. Prevention is normally acknowledged to become a great way to health-related issues. This can be understandable because most health conditions today defy curative measures. But for those ones which can be cured with relative ease, staying away from from the pains, the inconveniences, and financial costs of treatment if the condition could so be easily prevented to begin with? So in any event, prevention remains superior to cure.

Fortunately, most health issues could be prevented, including obesity. Recognizing the reasons and the signs of a ailment way before it will become a full-blown issue is step one towards preventing it. Listed here are 6 steps you should consume order to avoid this seemingly unstoppable national epidemic called obesity.

Watch the foods you eat: yes, you need heard mtss is a million times before. However, if you?re obese and even overweight, odds are you?ve taken this caution as a given. By just forming the habit of smoking of reading labels on all food products you buy, particularly the processed ones, experts agree you?re on the right track to cutting obesity risks by over half.

Eat healthy: needless to say the only real reason you?re reading those labels is really it is possible to choose what things to eat and things to avoid. The FDA recommends a person?s day to day consumption shouldn?t exceed 2000, and must originate from such food varieties as fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy food, meats, and bread. Please, don?t take note only with the food categories included here, including dairy food and bread. Also note what your total calories from your list must soon add up to. Ultimately, it is precisely what healthy eating means.

Be careful about your weight: you ought to regularly monitor unwanted weight, particularly if you or members of the family are apt to have unhealthy weight. Investing inside a scale for that home can make this easier. Such as the visit the other extreme-spending the higher section of every day around the scale. You need to weigh yourself a maximum of once weekly. Meanwhile, take appropriate steps to get rid of every additional weight the truth is yourself adding.

Stay active: this might be among the most effective in which to stay shape. Plus it doesn?t always mean exploring gym (although that will transform your results). But many times, simple pursuits like taking brisk walks inside the neighborhood, using the stairs as opposed to the lifts, walking or biking towards the malls can yield accomplishment when done regularly.

Stay hydrated: Sounds not difficult. And possibly that is why almost all persons overlook it. Parallels whenever you make up the healthy practice of frequently normal water, the impulse to have pleasure in foods is reduced. Reason: some minds interpret dehydration as hunger (as opposed to as thirst!). The FDA recommends Eight or ten portions of water every day. Besides helping inside the combat obesity, adequate water within your body helps as well to detoxify one?s body, cleansing it of impurities.

Eat only if you?re hungry: research indicates that a lot of those who are naturally trim only eat when they?re hungry. Resisting the temptation to consume a specific meal only for your passion for it?s really a fantastic way to prevent obesity.

Yes, there are some cases when obesity is traceable to genes. But we have to all admit that circumstances like this are few. For most people, simply managing what enters the mouth and combining by using a relatively active living can do the secret. If you discipline yourself along this line, you?ll soon realize that obesity just isn?t as unstoppable because the numbers might point to.

Meals are another thing for your survival of your People. A respectable diet is situated upon the organic elements that provide and sustain life. Daily Nutritional Skin cleansing is the main element in your a healthy body. Lots of people consider the body and it is functions lightly. They don?t consider whatever they consume as creating a direct and permanent impact on the caliber of their general health. Remember you might be your food intake.

Source: http://www.healthfitnessclub.info/obesity-it-is-possible-to-stop-it/

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Anne McCue On Mountain Stage

Anne McCue performed on Mountain Stage in 2007.
Enlarge Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Anne McCue performed on Mountain Stage in 2007.

Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Anne McCue performed on Mountain Stage in 2007.

  • "Bright Light of Day"
  • "From Bakersfield to Saigon"

Australian alt-country singer-songwriter and guitarist Anne McCue is heard here in a performance recorded in 2007 in Charleston, W. Va.

An expressive singer and strong guitarist, McCue spent the early part of her career in an all-girl hard rock band. She then accepted an offer to spend a year in Vietnam, where she performed almost every night, toting her guitar around on the back of a 1965 Vespa, "just like the locals."

Soon, McCue found herself touring the U.S. and Canada as part of Lilith Fair. In 2006, she released Koala Motel, which featured contributions from a diverse palette of artists, including X's John Doe, Ann Wilson of Heart, Lucinda Williams and Jim Lauderdale.

In 2008 McCue released East of Electric, which she recorded and produced at her own Flying Machine Studio in Nashville, and followed that with 2010's Broken Promise Land and a DVD, Live in Nashville.

Source: http://www.npr.org/2011/05/27/136655007/anne-mccue-on-mountain-stage?ft=1&f=1039

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An Unsparing Portrait Of Infidelity, Tensely Told

A Love Triangle, With Sharp Edges: Paul (Mimi Branescu, left) is an affable guy who loves his wife ? and their daughter's orthodontist (Maria Popistasu, middle), too. Lover and wife (Mirela Oprisor, right) meet during a dentist appointment that thrums with tension and shame.
Lorber Films

A Love Triangle, With Sharp Edges: Paul (Mimi Branescu, left) is an affable guy who loves his wife ? and their daughter's orthodontist (Maria Popistasu, middle), too. Lover and wife (Mirela Oprisor, right) meet during a dentist appointment that thrums with tension and shame.

Tuesday, After Christmas

  • Director: Radu Muntean
  • Genre: Drama
  • Running Time: 99 minutes

In Romanian with English subtitles.

Not rated

With: Mimi Branescu, Maria Popistasu, Mirela Oprisor


The latest bloom from the flourishing garden that is Romanian cinema, Radu Muntean's Tuesday, After Christmas chronicles the emotional fallout from a classic love triangle, but it unfolds with the agonizing tension of a suspense film. Shot in long takes that never call attention to their masterful orchestration, the key scenes slowly percolate to life, carefully drawing out the turbulent emotions at their core. Though human lives don't hang in the balance as they might in a Hitchcock film, a seemingly stable marriage and family does, and Muntean makes the stakes feel just as heightened. In his hands, a scene as mundane as a consultation with the orthodontist becomes suffused with sick, creeping dread.

The dental specialist in question is Raluca (Maria Popistasu), a bright and lovely young woman first seen engaging her lover, Paul (Mimi Branescu), in a blissful round of pillow talk. They talk about how his toes indicate his virility and artistic temperament. They talk about what to get her mother for Christmas. She advises him to quit smoking, not least because it's bad for his teeth and thus an insult to her profession.

What they don't talk about ? and what doesn't become clear to the audience until the next scene ? is that Paul is a married man. Or that he really loves his wife Adriana (Mirela Oprisor) and their 8-year-old daughter, who can expect a new snowboard under the tree this year. Raluca knows full well that she's a homewrecker, but it's important for her to maintain the illusion that her happy relationship with Paul doesn't come at another woman's expense. Otherwise the guilt would be unbearable.

All of which sets the stage for that extraordinary scene at Raluca's office, where Paul has taken his daughter to get her braces, at a time when his wife was supposed to be stuck in meetings. When a change in schedule allows her to make the appointment, too, Paul and the two women share the same room for the first time, with Adriana oblivious to the significance of it. Yet the suspense doesn't come from whether or not Adriana will find out about the affair ? Raluca's professional duties make it easy enough to keep the conversation focused on dental options ? but from the bone-deep shame that surfaces on Paul's face. In the bedroom, the lovers are cocooned by the pleasure they take in each other's company; out in the open, they can't block out the consequences of their betrayal.

Paul and Raluca's affair tears apart his seemingly happy marriage with Adriana, but director Radu Muntean designates no villains ? opting instead to paint his characters in an unflinchingly objective light.
Enlarge Lorber Films

Paul and Raluca's affair tears apart his seemingly happy marriage with Adriana, but director Radu Muntean designates no villains ? opting instead to paint his characters in an unflinchingly objective light.

Lorber Films

Paul and Raluca's affair tears apart his seemingly happy marriage with Adriana, but director Radu Muntean designates no villains ? opting instead to paint his characters in an unflinchingly objective light.

A Hollywood film would make a villain out of one of them: Perhaps the wife for being cold and distant or the husband for being a callous pig or the lover for being an evil temptress with no compunction about breaking up a marriage. But Tuesday, After Christmas doesn't make it that easy to take sides, and it isn't interested in aligning the audience's sympathies with one set of characters or another. It simply lays out, in devastating terms, the fallout from a perfectly commonplace dalliance.

Though it lacks the political component of other movies from what's been dubbed the Romanian New Wave ? pictures like The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, 12:08 East of Bucharest and 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days ? Muntean's film shares with them a patient, deliberate style that sustains a low hum of dramatic tension. Tuesday, After Christmas taps into the same volcanic emotions as a marital drama like Blue Valentine, but through different means ? less from Cassavetes-like shouting matches than from the aching resolve of adults coming to terms with a changing landscape. It's an ordinary affair, dramatized without narrative frills, yet it bows with the weight of domestic tragedy. (Recommended)

Source: http://www.npr.org/2011/05/26/136581094/an-unsparing-portrait-of-infidelity-tensely-told?ft=1&f=1008

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Book Review: Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold ? Rose's Romance Ramblings

Continuing in with my pattern for the month, this is once again another book about childhood friends falling in love as adults. These two, however, aren?t quite like the other. The other couples had been close friends as children and these weren?t. They went to school together and lived close, but did not grow into adulthood being best friends. So, without any further ado, here we go.

Anne Wells is twenty-eight, unmarried and on the run!?Heavy rain beating down on her, she finds a barn?to hide in and?wait out the storm. Only she falls asleep. And Cord Bennett is the one who?s there to greet her when she wakes up.

Cord, half-Indian, half-white, has never been an overly welcome member of the community and the last thing he needs is to be found with an unmarried young lady on his property.

And that?s exactly what happens.

Following a quick breakfast in which Anne divulges only minimal details about her predicament and tries to talk Cord into helping her to the nearest town with a train station, Anne?s father shows up with an army of ten?men. The next scene is not for the faint of heart as Anne?s father and all the other men scheme to make Anne a bride and widow all in the same day, thus freeing her from a marriage to Cord and clearing her name from any possible scandal.

Following a very brutal, and well described beating, Cord is left for dead and Anne is left to both ?think about her behavior? and deal with a nearly dead Cord.? Miraculously, through a combination of Cord?s inner strength and Anne?s determination, Cord does the unthinkable and survives: leaving them to decide their own fate. With the choice to stick it out together, knowing they?ll both be shunned, or going their separate ways, Cord hides what he wants (which clearly is for her to stay) and?steps back to let Anne make the choice for them since she?ll be the one whose life will be most affected.

Anne, growing more sensible by the day, decides staying with Cord is the best decision for her. She has nowhere else to go nor any skills to help her find employment. Besides, she?s starting to like him.

Decision made, the two?being?building?a life together and slowly feelings grow between the two as?forces out of their control conspire to keep them apart.

This book had me hooked. Absolutely hooked. Is there a lot of lusty passion that leaves you reaching for a glass of water? No. Instead there is a genuine attraction that spans the pages and builds at a believable pace while the two get to know each other as adults, discovering who the other is as well as who they themselves really are.

One really interesting aspect of this story was how the hero, though not insecure in any other aspect of his life, often wondered just when he?d wake up from this dream and find Annie as he?d taken to calling her gone. Thinking of it from his perspective as a man who?d spent most of his life?shunned and?feared?it was understandable why he?d feel this way. At the same time, it was a nice change to read about a hero who didn?t use his strength and size?to intimidate, charm to seduce or mind game to manipulate the heroine into staying with and loving him. It was also nice to read about a heroine who was strong enough to handle matters herself, yet still be able to lean on her husband for support when she needed.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed this book. As I said, it captured my attention at the beginning and held it through to the end. These two certainly had enough drama going on to keep a reader highly entertained!

This book can be found at Amazon or to check out the other titles by?Ellen O?Connell here.

Source: http://rosesromanceramblings.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/book-review-eyes-of-silver-eyes-of-gold/

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Comcast, NBCUniversal Venture Arms Combine

NEW YORK - Comcast Corp. said Thursday that it has combined its venture capital arm Comcast Interactive Capital with that of NBCUniversal and General Eletric, which was called Peacock Equity Fund.

In another step of the? integration between the two companies since Comcast in late January acquired a majority stake in NBCUniversal, the cable giant said the combined fund will be called Comcast Ventures. It now manages the two funds' joint investment portfolio, valued at approximately $750 million.

Long-time Comcast executive Amy Banse, most recently president of Comcast Interactive Media where she led the firm's online strategy and oversaw the acquisitions of such companies as Fandango and Daily Candy, will serve as the merged entity's head as managing director and head of funds. She will relocate to San Francisco and report to Comcast CFO Michael Angelakis.

In a statement, the company said Comcast Ventures will "invest in early-to-late stage businesses that represent the next generation of entertainment, communications and digital technology." Its primary goal will be to reap "superior" financial returns through the success of its portfolio companies by leveraging its own expertise and assets.

?Technology is changing the way the world communicates, creates and consumes," said Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts. ?We are excited by the future and want to partner with the entrepreneurs who are driving that change."

Said Banse: "It?s an exciting time to be in venture capital." She added: "Advances in software development, more effective marketing enabled by social networks and capital efficient business models are fueling rapid innovation.

Email: Georg.Szalai@thr.com

Twitter: @georgszalai

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheHollywoodReporter-Technology/~3/5jN7oNcQiLc/comcast-nbcuniversal-venture-arms-combine-192644

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