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Best Prices AAS 600 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY ...

? Safety & Security ? AAS 600 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY

picture AAS 600 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY

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Product Details
* 32 defensive zones containing up to three sensors in each
* Phone line anti-cut function [warning sound alerts to line tampering]
* Auxiliary power back-up system for continuous operation during power outages
* Memory storage capacity for 6 phone numbers [21 digits in length] and recorded message. Can be professionally monitored too!
* Programmable entry and exit delay. $0 Alarm Monitoring and Installation

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Algae growth suspected in wild boar deaths along French coast

Reporting from Paris?

Just as France's holiday season reaches its peak, the carcasses of wild boars are appearing on Brittany's celebrated coastline, raising fear that a potentially lethal algae is at work that could threaten the health of humans as well.

The bodies of more than 30 of the animals have been found in the sea or on the slimy, seaweed-covered beaches around the bay of Saint Brieuc, where some coastal areas have been sealed off.

Environmentalists believe the potentially fatal algae is the result of a buildup of nitrates from fertilizers used by the region's farmers, many of whom raise pigs, seeping into the sea.

July and August are the busiest months for France's seaside resorts as the country's schools close for vacation. This year, tourists and holidaymakers expected along the country's Atlantic coast had already been discouraged by unseasonal rain and high winds.

Now the Breton region known as the Cotes d'Armor has taken a second hit with the rise in green algae contamination that has led to several beach closures and unwelcome headlines about "killer" seaweed.

On Tuesday, 18 dead boars were found in the Saint Brieuc bay. The day after, three more were discovered on the muddy banks of the nearby Gouessant estuary at Morieux. Another boar carcass was found Thursday in the area, bringing the number of dead animals this month to 34.

Algae is a generic term covering anything from microscopic organisms to seaweed. The kind of algae causing problems along the Brittany coast is known scientifically as Ulva, but is often called sea lettuce. It has been present along the rugged north Breton coastline for decades, but levels of contamination have increased in recent years.

After the kind of heavy rain the region has been suffering, fertilizers containing nitrates from farmland and waste material from livestock can be washed into streams and rivers that flow into the sea, boosting the growth of algae.

Scientists say that when the weed, in itself harmless, is washed onto the beach, the surface dries in the sun, forming a hard crust under which hydrogen sulfide, a foul-smelling and poisonous gas, is trapped. When the surface is broken, the gas, with its characteristic smell of rotten eggs, is released.

In 2009 a 27-year-old horse rider fell unconscious and his horse collapsed after slipping on the algae on a beach at Hillion in Brittany. The animal was believed to have died after inhaling gas released by the weed. The rider, a local veterinarian, was rescued from a yard-high pile of rotting algae.

An inquiry is still underway in the death of a man who suffered a heart attack while transporting rotten seaweed in a truck in 2009.

Gilles Huet, a member of an association dedicated to preserving the coast and waterways of Brittany, said the exact reason for the boars' deaths was unknown. He said, however, that the coincidental rise in green algae in the Saint Brieuc bay and death of the boars was troubling.

"One of the theories we have is that the animals might have drunk water that contained algae," he told the Agence France-Presse news agency.

Poice officer Philippe De Gestas said necropsies were being conducted on the dead animals. Experts were testing for hydrogen sulfide, he said, and they "could not exclude that seaweed was to blame."

"The animals were not sick and they did not drown," De Gestas said.

An official analysis of the water in the estuary found that green algae were "above the alert level but below the danger level."

The French government has launched a long-term program to clear the beaches of algae using bulldozers. Thousands of tons of green algae have been cleared from the Breton coast this year. However, environmental campaigners say this is a short-term solution and that nothing will change unless farmers cut down on the use of nitrate-based fertilizers.

On a visit to Brittany this month, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is facing a reelection battle, defended the farmers and called those who criticize the use of nitrates "environmental fundamentalists."

The agricultural lobby is one of the most powerful in France.

Willsher is a special correspondent.


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Introduction To Business Classes Lay The ... - Human Resources

Students in a business program will first have to complete a course in Business 101 so they can get a survey of what to expect for the rest of their college curriculum if they choose to continue in this program. This course will give students the opportunity to evaluate if this is the field for them to pursue. Business 101 will offer a wealth of information, so students should be prepared to take in as much as they can in order to prepare for their futures.

This course begins with an explanation of how business is organized, as well as how they?re managed and evaluated. The different business structures will also be covered in this course. These consist of economics, marketing, accounting, finance, human relations, management and information systems and a few others.

The next intriguing fact related to this issue. Most people are familiar with marketing because it?s in our faces daily, whether we are walking down the street, surfing the Internet or watching a movie. We might not always be aware of these marketing techniques though. In a business course, students will be exposed to the 4 P?s of marketing: product, price, place and promotion, all integral elements of an effective marketing strategy. Economics will also be discussed and the topics addressed in this subject include supply and demand, goods and services and the importance of trade.

Online Programs at Your Community College ? South Central College: Learn about the online classes offered at South Central College.

Accounting and finance are 2 other essential fields discussed in an introductory business course. Finance will discuss the concept of the time value of money, which is the foundation for the finance industry, as well as the various financial institutions present today. Accounting is another major business industry that will teach students about the accounting equation and the ?four financial statements? used by most business associations.

Human Resources and Management will also be addressed in 101 business course. Students will learn the skills necessary to become effective leaders and communicators ? basically the essentials of being a manager. Human resource topics will include the processes of hiring, job planning and compensation, as well as the logistics of discrimination and how to comply with equal opportunity laws.

With the advent of technology, globalization and other information systems have multiplied at rapid rates. An Introduction to Business course will analyze and evaluate how these elements influence and spur on the business climate, both negatively and positively.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to read the Wall Street Journal or listen to business with relative understanding for what is being discussed. It?s an exciting feeling to utilize the lessons you learn in school in the real world. By the end of this course, students will have an understanding of their aptitudes and weaknesses and this will help them determine what area of interest they would like to pursue as a career.

Students in business classes will receive many immediate benefits from their introductory course, such as crystallizing their career goals and developing a greater awareness of the industry. Take the time to absorb and then apply your new skills to a traditional or online college course program for your degree.


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Commercial Loan Calculator- Important Article ... - Finance Houston

As you devour this piece, remember that the rest of it contains useful info related to commercial loan calculator and in some shape related to commercial construction loans,mobile home parks, bank loans ormontel williams loan commercial for your reading pleasure.

Most entrepreneurs who require a fast loan often make the terrible mistake of approaching unfair loan brokers and agents who will offer them fast loans at awful interest rates. The truth is that there are techniques to get a loan fast and affordably. You simply have to think outside the box.

They guaranteed dangerous loans simply to collect origination and processing charges then sold those loans off to speculators ( again collecting additional charges ) ? holding no risk in the final analysis. What this did was put a large amount of pointless toxic business credit in the market ? loans that should not have ever been made.

In the meantime ? I am hoping you have been ready to get a full grasp of the primary points related to commercial loan calculator or other related commercial loan mortgage, mortgage loans, commercial real estate loan, commercial lenders,and in the 1st half of this document. Whether you respond Yes or No, continue reading as there?s a lot more to reveal in this piece which will excite you.

You may also have to pay more staff wages because of bringing in more staff. Improvements may also be bankrolled this way as well. Refurbishments to improve the company image are occasionally obligatory but can be costly. Activities like re-launching operations can need enormous sums of cash which you won?t have available.

Credits cards should really be used only to back short term wants or as a convenient payment methodology for businesses. Visa cards tend to have raised interest rates and are interest-free only until the next billing cycle. Companies looking for short term cash finance should use an overdraft arrangement or a line of credit.

Many individuals searching for commercial loan calculator also searched online for loans commercial, commercial mortgage, and even montel williams loan commercial,grants for small business.

The benefits of accounts receivable financing all come back to cash flow ? entrepreneurs quickly realize that sales don?t equate to cash, and that can become a continuing problem. Many entrepreneurs we meet counsel they fight with cash and capitalization issues on a regular ( if not hourly ) basis,

Free Interrelated Knowledge Base For Commercial Loan Calculator

It is also common for some companies to get finance by securing a loan on the full amount due to the business by customers as identified by their accounts receivable ledger. Sometimes the loan amount can be up to Eighty % of the total amount owing.

CLOSING REMARKS ? Whether your direct quest is commercial loan calculator or other commercial truck loans, bank loans, montel williams loan commercial, start up business loansinformation, this article should have helped, right?

So here is chance to get your free tips on commercial loan calculator and in addition to that get basic information on saving money visit commercial loan interest rates

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Friday, July 29, 2011 ? Ideas Of Using Video Conferencing For Small ...

Many big companies are not using a manual system to launch or support their efforts. And at this point, not only large and international companies that have hung their work processes to the advancement of technology for small and growing company ?also needs the support of IT services. Some of them already have a network of personal computers and many of them have used the online communication system via the internet.

Internet service could give a simple system for their businesses and has become the addition of mobile communication systems using. And now almost all small business/industry use internet service to promote goods, conduct transactions with clients who are in a different timezone and conduct regular meetings with the branch company virtually.

With an internet service, they can communicate with other companies and their own employee in other branch office freely. There are so many types of free communication that we can do on the internet include: e-mail, text-chat, video chat, video calls, conference calls and video chat or video conferencing.

One of the communication type that we?ve mentioned above which give many advantages is the video conferencing. Nowadays, almost all small business or company use a free video conferencing to help them to make their deals with the customer and held a meeting with other employees in different places (branch office) virtually. Through video conferencing, They can Communicate face-to-face without have to flight to the person?s place and still can the make a deal and control the progress of their business without having to be there.

As we?ve told for tens times, video conferencing technology could save their times, cut their travel cost and other extra cost like the meal cost. Video conferencing for small business can help the executive to held employee conferences, interview sessions, annual meeting and discussion and also manage the multiple branch offices from far. This communication technology is very easy to set up and become an interesting solution to all business problems and solve it in a short period without need to travel.

Small company can choose a free or paid video conferencing services for long periods. You can manage your company meeting agenda and announce the latest achievements of companies work without having to wait to gather on land. With a virtual video conferencing, everyone will know the staff morale or faces on the LCD screen through camera shooting. Now, technology is offering a big possibilities to increase the small companies? target.


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Gov't: Health tab to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020 (AP)

WASHINGTON ? The nation's health care tab is on track to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020, accounting for about $1 of every $5 in the economy, government number crunchers estimate in a report out Thursday.

How much is that? Including government and private money, health care spending in 2020 will average $13,710 for every man, woman and child, says Medicare's Office of the Actuary.

By comparison, U.S. health care spending this year is projected to top $2.7 trillion, or about $8,650 per capita, roughly $1 of $6 in the economy. Most of that spending is for care for the sickest people.

The report from Medicare economists and statisticians is an annual barometer of a trend that many experts say is unsustainable but doesn't seem to be slowing down. A political compromise over the nation's debt and deficits might succeed in tapping the brakes on health care, but polarized lawmakers have been unable to deliver a deal.

The analysis found that President Barack Obama's health care overhaul would only be a modest contributor to growing costs, even though an additional 30 million people who would be otherwise uninsured stand to gain coverage.

The main reasons that health care spending keeps growing faster than the economy are the high cost of medical innovations and an aging society that consumes increasing levels of service.

Many of the newly insured people under the health care law will be younger and healthier. As a result, they are expected to use more doctor visits and prescription drugs and relatively less of pricey hospital care. Health care spending will jump by 8 percent in 2014, when the law's coverage expansion kicks in. But over the 2010-2020 period covered by the estimate, the average yearly growth in health care spending will be only 0.1 percentage point higher than without Obama's overhaul.

Part of the reason for that optimistic prognosis is that cuts and cost controls in the health care law start to bite down late in the decade. However, the same nonpartisan Medicare experts who produced Thursday's estimate have previously questioned whether that austerity will be politically sustainable if hospitals and other providers start going out of business as a result. The actuary's office is responsible for long-range cost estimates.

The report found that health care spending in 2010 grew at a historically low rate of 3.9 percent, partly because of the sluggish economy. That will change as the economy shakes off the lingering effects of the recession.

Government, already the dominant player because of Medicare and Medicaid, will become even more important. By 2020, federal, state and local government health care spending will account for just under half the total tab, up from 45 percent currently. As the health care law's coverage expansion takes effect, "health care financing is anticipated to further shift toward governments," the report said.

Estimates from previous years had projected that the government share would already be at the 50 percent mark, but the actuary's office changed its method for making the complex calculations. Under the previous approach, some private payments such as worker's compensation insurance had been counted in the government column. Technical accuracy ? not political pressure ? was behind that change, said Stephen Heffler, one of the experts who work on the estimates.

Separately, another new report finds that the United States continues to spend far more on health care than other economically developed countries. The study by the Commonwealth Fund found that U.S. health care spending per person in 2008 was more than double the median ? or midpoint_ for other leading economies. Although survival rates for some cancers were higher in the U.S., the report found that quality of care overall was not markedly better.

The Medicare actuary's estimates for health care spending are published in the journal Health Affairs.


On the Internet:

Health Affairs:


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Daley says his wrestling deficiency is overplayed | Sports News ...

Published on July 28, 2011 by oksport ????? No Comments

On Saturday night, the last thing Paul Daley wants to be doing is stare at the arena ceiling for much his fight against Tyron Woodley. In the past, he hasn?t much say where the fight goes against a former college wrestler like Woodley. Daley and his wrestling Kenny Johnson say his Strikeforce bout this weekend will be different.

Johnson, a former Olympian who wrestled at Iowa, has increased his time spent with the British slugger.

?We started picking up the pace in the last few years and his wrestling has gone through the roof,? Johnson said (3:50 mark). ?He?s really dedicated a lot of time and tried to become a mixed martial artist.?

Fight fans? last memory of Daley against an elite former college wrestler was Josh Koscheck at UFC 113. Daley was taken down at will and smothered for 15 minutes. The Brit says forget that fight, Woodley isn?t in Koscheck?s league.

?He?s not as big as Josh Koscheck. He is as athletic, but on the technical side, I don?t think he can compete with Josh Koscheck,? Daley told USA Today. ?People are comparing this to that. People do forget in the Koscheck fight, there are takedowns that I stopped. I think that Josh Koscheck is a higher level than Tyron Woodley, so even if I?m able to stop two of his takedowns or stuff them or stall two of his takedowns back then, I think Tyron Woodley?s going to have a very difficult time taking me down when I?m on form, when I?m 100%.?

Daley (27-10-2) is fully dedicated to shoring up his weaknesses.

?He (Johnson) lives at my house. He eats with me. So if we?re not training, we?re talking about wrestling; we?re looking at footage. So I think people are going to be very shocked, and I think that?s an area where Tyron Woodley is underestimating me, and I think that?s going to work in my benefit,? said Daley.

The biggest question mark for Woodley (8-0) is his experience. He?s never been in the cage with someone so seasoned.

?I?m much bigger. I?m much stronger than he thinks. I?m a lot more experienced than him. I don?t think he realizes how that?s going to play out in this fight,? said Daley.

When talking about future opponents, Daley dropped an interesting nugget during this interview.

?There?s a mystery guy. There?s a mystery guy that?s been signed by Strikeforce that Scott Coker?s mentioned, and he said that the winner of this fight could possibly be fighting him immediately for the title. There?s lots of speculation; I really have no clue, but I want to be back in a position of fighting for a title,? said Daley.

Who could it be?

Tiger Woods returns to golf under a new set of circumstances. He no longer has the caddie he ... Daily Wrap-up: Round 1, The Greenbrier Classic Tiger Woods finally gets back to golf next week at the Bridgestone Invitational, ending an 11-week break to ... Second-round tee times for Utah Championship Presented by Utah Sports Commission Olin Browne had two eagles down the stretch and finished with a 7-under 64 Thursday for a two-stroke ... First-round picks Gabriel Landeskog and Duncan Siemens have signed three-year deals with the Colorado Avalanche. Landeskog was the ... In a move that helps both teams in regard to salaries, the New Jersey Devils acquired forward Trent ... When Mike Richards learned Philadelphia had traded him to the Los Angeles Kings last month, the Flyers captain ... Former NHL coach Andy Murray has been hired by Western Michigan. The school says Murray signed a five-year ... Edmonton Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin on Tuesday withdrew an appeal to his extreme drunken-driving conviction, accepting a 30-day ... Banned FIFA executive Mohamed bin Hammam won't be replaced as Asian Football Confederation president yet, after his continental ... The 2008 and 2009 MLS Cup winners clash in Salt Lake on Saturday. The Crew has won eight ... The league's top side makes its first ever trip to Vancouver Saturday afternoon. By CHRIS JENKINS AP Sports Writer Thierry Henry won't be troubled by split loyalties when he faces Arsenal with the New York Red Bulls ...


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Britain expels Libyan diplomats, asks for rebel envoys (Reuters)

LONDON (Reuters) ? Britain will expel all remaining Libyan diplomats, treat the rebel opposition as the legitimate government and unfreeze some Libyan assets, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Wednesday, in the latest diplomatic push to break Muammar Gaddafi's grip on power.

Hague dismissed suggestions he had softened his stance on the fate of the Libyan leader, saying Britain still wanted him to leave power and face charges of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court, although he repeated that it was not for external powers to dictate Libya's future.

Britain, which expelled Libya's ambassador to London in May, has told the remaining nine diplomats to pack their bags.

"We are inviting the National Transitional Council to appoint a new Libyan diplomatic envoy to take over the Libyan embassy in London," Hague said.

The move to recognize the rebel opposition as Libya's only legitimate governing body follows a similar decision by the United States and a group of world powers earlier this month in Istanbul.

"The prime minister and I have decided that the United Kingdom recognizes and will deal with the National Transitional Council as the sole governmental authority in Libya," Hague told reporters.

"This decision reflects the NTC's increasing legitimacy, competence and success in reaching out to Libyans across the country."

Analysts said the measures were unlikely to have much of an immediate impact on the ground in Libya, where rebel forces have failed to oust Gaddafi from Tripoli despite having the backing of Western military might.

"It's difficult to see, unless there's some acceptance on the side of Gaddafi and his immediate entourage, I'm not sure this is really a way out of the stalemate," said Claire Spencer, head of the Middle East Program at London's Chatham House think tank.

"It remains a politically blocked situation and I'm not sure this will unblock it."


Hague said Britain is continuing to explore how to unfreeze assets to support the rebels in line with a U.N. Security Council resolution.

As part of measures to support the opposition, Hague said Britain would unfreeze 91 million pounds ($148 million) of assets held in Britain for the rebel-held oil company AGOCO and seek to release more funds for civilian purposes.

Britain will also work to free up more assets, including Libyan currency stocks and assets of the Libyan central bank. An aide to Hague said discussions were ongoing to ensure that any released money would used for civilian purposes.

"At the request of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company ... the United Kingdom is ready to make available 91 million pounds of the company's assets in the United Kingdom," Hague added.

"This company is operating under the control of the National Transitional Council and we are assured its activities will not benefit any listed entity under (U.N.) sanctions.

"We will issue licenses for the use of its frozen funds to meet basic needs within Libya," Hague said, adding the measure was designed to allow Britain to give greater practical assistance to the rebels.

(Reporting by Stephen Addison, Matt Falloon and Michael Holden; Editing by Diana Abdallah and Elizabeth Piper)


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Frank Wood's Business Accounting 2 | eBooks, Magazines, Dating ...

Business Accounting is the world?s bestselling textbook on bookkeeping and accounting. This volume builds on the clear and straight forward introduction of volume 1 to provide students with coverage of more advance aspects of financial accounting. Each topic is back up by a wealth of worked examples, as well as a rich pool of self assessment material, so that students can monitor their own progress and understanding.

You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.


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Commercial banks ? Cambodia Information | Business Tutorials ...

Did you know nearly all U . regionsonline banking s regionsonline banking families offer an regular associated with $9000 within unsecured debt?Progressively more individuals have much more debt when compared with that will. The majority of begin to question some great benefits of debt negotiation versus. filing a bankruptcy proceeding.With some time I personally experienced close to $150,500 within unsecured debt. regionsonline banking I am aware that will looks nuts but I ended up being utilizing bank cards to secure a organization notion off the ground and yes it sooner or later hit a brick wall. it was sentimentally smashing to reduce notice my offer fall short, however what is even worse is always that I used to be right now buckled with a pile associated with debt that we can?t repay. Some get sound advice so I panicked as well as did nothing. Before long my own phone ended up being buzzing nearly continually using first credit card issuers planning to speak to myself and then shortly business collection agencies businesses were upsetting myself. I finished giving an answer to my own phone as well as were living within concern that we involved to reduce almost everything. Now My partner and i understood I desired to behave, no matter whether which was a bankruptcy proceeding or debt negotiation.I cannot present legal advice right here because That?s not me a personal bankruptcy lawyer. most I can tell could be the answers I came across as well as some tips i would. your situation is your own personal i advise you think about most options, speak to professionals. one thing that many folks don?t realize is that you could get yourself a no cost discussion using each credit repair companies as well as a bankruptcy proceeding legal professionals. My partner and i firmly inspire that you do that. Question them questions, make use of the particular hour or so of energy that they present you with. Remember this particular, they need your small business. Thus question extremely one on one concerns, keep communicating with them unless you are generally delighted by the particular answers. one other word of advice I would provide you with is definitely get yourself a next thoughts and opinions. With my case My partner and i chatted using three distinct credit repair companies and a couple distinct a bankruptcy proceeding legal professionals just before My partner and i felt just like I needed the particular answers that we needed.from some tips i comprehended, the real difference within no matter whether you would want to go with debt negotiation versus. a bankruptcy proceeding could be the volume of debt your debt and exactly how much you might be powering about payments. one other element could be the kind of debt that you are obligated to pay. most of the time the debt negotiation company will only be in a position to aid unsecured debt.There are pros and cons to be able to each options. yet again, I recommend you acquire expert advice. My own complete intent behind this article is to help people who have been during my sneakers. I cannot inform you how to handle it or precisely what is eventually far better for your situation. I can tell a person the first thing to do if you have not necessarily previously complied can be begin conversing with professionals. The majority of debt help organizations as well as legal professionals can take a moment along as well as talk about your position totally free. Thus take advantage of this and discover some great benefits of debt negotiation versus. a bankruptcy proceeding for your situation.

The majority of credit repair companies require you have no less than $10,500 within unsecured debt just before they can begin to get rid of your credit card debt.I seriously appreciated this particular debt negotiation business?s trustworthiness as well as truthfulness after i dealt with all of them. Click this link and obtain your own private no cost debt discussion.

Commercial banks ? Cambodia Information

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway police arrive 90 minutes after firing began (AP)

OSLO, Norway ? Police arrived at an island massacre about an hour and a half after a gunman first opened fire, slowed because they didn't have quick access to a helicopter and then couldn't find a boat to make their way to the scene just several hundred yards (meters) offshore. The assailant surrendered when police finally reached him, but 82 people died before that.

Survivors of the shooting spree have described hiding and fleeing into the water to escape the gunman, but a police briefing Saturday detailed for the first time how long the terror lasted ? and how long victims waited for help.

The shooting came on the heels of what police told The Associated Press was an "Oklahoma city-type" bombing in Oslo's downtown: It targeted a government building, was allegedly perpetrated by a homegrown assailant and used the same mix of fertilizer and fuel that blew up a federal building in the U.S. in 1995.

In all, at least 89 people were killed in the twin attacks that police are blaming on the same suspect, 32-year-old Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik.

"He has confessed to the factual circumstances," Breivik's defense lawyer, Geir Lippestad, told public broadcaster NRK. Lippestad said his client had also made some comments about his motives.

"He's said some things about that but I don't want to talk about it now," the lawyer told NRK.

Norwegian news agency NTB said the suspect wrote a 1,500-page manifesto before the attack in which he attacked multiculturalism and Muslim immigration. The manifesto also described how to acquire explosives and contained pictures of Breivik, NTB said. Oslo police declined to comment on the report.

A SWAT team was dispatched to the island more than 50 minutes after people vacationing at a campground said they heard shooting across the lake, according to Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim. The drive to the lake took about 20 minutes, and once there, the team took another 20 minutes to find a boat.

Footage filmed from a helicopter that showed the gunman firing into the water added to the impression that police were slow to the scene. They chose to drive, Sponheim said, because their helicopter wasn't on standby.

"There were problems with transport to Utoya," where the youth-wing of Norway's left-leaning Labor Party was holding a retreat, Sponheim said. "It was difficult to get a hold of boats."

At least 82 people were killed on the island, but police said four or five people were still missing.

Divers have been searching the surrounding waters, and Sponheim said the missing may have drowned. Police earlier said there was still an unexploded device on the island, but it later turned out to be fake.

The attack followed the explosion of a bomb packed into a panel truck outside the building that houses the prime minister's office in Oslo, according to a police official

"It was some kind of Oklahoma City-type bomb," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because police hadn't released the information.

Seven people were killed, and police said there are still body parts in the building. The Oslo University hospital said it has so far received 11 wounded from the bombing and 19 people from the camp shooting.

Police have charged Breivik under Norway's terror law. He will be arraigned on Monday when a court decides whether police can continue to hold him as the investigation continues.

Authorities have not given a motive for the attacks, but both were in areas connected to the Labor Party, which leads a coalition government.

Even police confessed to not knowing much about the suspect, but details trickled out about him all day: He had ties to a right-leaning political party, he posted on Christian fundamentalist websites, and he rented a farm where police found 9,000-11,000 pounds (4,000-5,000 kilograms) of fertilizer.

Police said the suspect is talking to them and has admitted to firing weapons on the island. It was not clear if he had confessed to anything else he is accused of.

"He has had a dialogue with the police the whole time, but he's a very demanding suspect," Sponheim said.

Earlier in the day, a farm supply store said they had alerted police that he bought six metric tons of fertilizer, which can be used in homemade bombs. That's at least one metric ton more than was found at the farm, according to police.

Police and soldiers were searching for evidence and potential bombs at the farm south of Oslo on Saturday. Havard Nordhagen Olsen, a neighbor, told The Associated Press that Breivik moved in about one moth ago, just next to his house and said he seemed like "a regular guy."

Olsen said he recognized his neighbor in the newspapers this morning and said he was in shock.

Meanwhile, Mazyar Keshvari, a spokesman for Norway's Progress Party ? which is conservative but within the political mainstream ? said that the suspect was a paying member of the party's youth wing from 1999 to 2004.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called the tragedy peacetime Norway's deadliest day.

"This is beyond comprehension. It's a nightmare. It's a nightmare for those who have been killed, for their mothers and fathers, family and friends," Stoltenberg told reporters Saturday.

Gun violence is rare in Norway, where the average policeman patrolling in the streets doesn't carry a firearm. Reports that the assailant was motivated by political ideology were shocking to many Norwegians, who pride themselves on the openness of their society. Indeed, Norway is almost synonymous with the kind of free expression being exercised by the youth at the political retreat.

King Harald V, Norway's figurehead monarch, vowed Saturday that those values would remain unchanged.

"I remain convinced that the belief in freedom is stronger than fear. I remain convinced in the belief of an open Norwegian democracy and society. I remain convinced in the belief in our ability to live freely and safely in our own country," said the king.

The monarch, his wife and the prime minister led the nation in mourning, visiting grieving relatives of the scores of youth gunned down. Buildings around the capital lowered their flags to half-staff. People streamed to Oslo Cathedral to light candles and lay flowers; outside, mourners began building a makeshift altar from dug-up cobblestones. The Army patrolled the streets of the capital, a highly unusual sight for this normally placid country.

The city center was a sea of roadblocks Saturday, with groups of people peering over the barricades wherever they sprang up, as the shell-shocked Nordic nation was gripped by reports that the gunman may not have acted alone. Police have not confirmed a second assailant but said they are investigating witness reports.

The queen and the prime minister hugged when they arrived at the hotel where families are waiting to identify the bodies. Both king and queen shook hands with mourners, while the prime minister, his voice trembling, told reporters of the harrowing stories survivors had recounted to him.

On the island of Utoya, panicked teens attending a Labour Party youth wing summer camp plunged into the water or played dead to avoid the assailant in the assault. A picture sent out on Twitter showed a blurry figure in dark clothing pointing a gun into the water, with bodies all around him.

The carnage hours earlier in Oslo, when a bomb rocked the city where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded, left a square covered in twisted metal, shattered glass and documents expelled from surrounding buildings.

The dust-clogged scene after the blast reminded one visitor from New York of Sept. 11.

A 15-year-old camper named Elise who was on Utoya said she heard gunshots, but then saw a police officer and thought she was safe. Then he started shooting people right before her eyes.

Elise, whose father didn't want her to disclose her last name, said she hid behind the same rock that the killer was standing on. "I could hear his breathing from the top of the rock," she said.

She said it was impossible to say how many minutes passed while she was waiting for him to stop.

At a hotel in the village of Sundvollen, where survivors of the shooting were taken, 21-year-old Dana Berzingi wore pants stained with blood. He said the fake police officer ordered people to come closer, then pulled weapons and ammunition from a bag and started shooting.

Several victims "had pretended they were dead to survive," Berzingi said. But after shooting the victims with one gun, the gunman shot them again in the head with a shotgun, he said.

Earlier, the police official who spoke on condition of anonymity said the attack "is probably more Norway's Oklahoma City than it is Norway's World Trade Center." Domestic terrorists carried out the 1995 attack, while foreign terrorists were responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

The United States, European Union, NATO and the U.K., all quickly condemned the bombing, which Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague called "horrific" and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen deemed a "heinous act."

"It's a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring," President Barack Obama said.

Obama extended his condolences to Norway's people and offered U.S. assistance with the investigation. He said he remembered how warmly Norwegians treated him in Oslo when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II wrote to Norway's King Harald to offer her condolences and express her shock and sadness at the shooting attacks in his country.

A U.S. counterterrorism official said the United States knew of no links to terrorist groups and early indications were the attack was domestic. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was being handled by Norway.


Nordstrom reported from Stockholm. Associated Press reporters Bjoern H. Amland in Spundvollen, Norway, Nils Myklebost Oslo, Karl Ritter in Stockholm, Rita Foley in Washington, Paisley Dodds in London, and Paul Schemm in Tripoli, Libya, contributed to this report.


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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Benefits of Boxing Training Classes in 2008 | best health tips for ...

You Would probably transform your The health And then have a physically fit health At getting in boxing training fitness schools. What the important fastest way which often can technique additional powerful body system As wll as Learn Self-assurance. Boxing workouts can assist you to Seem plus a section the best shouting at each other Prepare will often promote.

A lot of persons find amazing listings Via boxing trainings. Or perhaps a plaque web page much better and many more characterized arms And after that Elegant legs. Such services On top of that education Always assist you to achieve belief a large number of Interior potential On top of that psychologically and mentally. key.

Boxing training lessons experienced All the way through in mainstream of a programmed fitness training they?re stuck with back with. A significant within the residential The advantages to the cardiovascular And also toning of this health and fitness Will be Allergy symptoms boxing training workouts. Tae-Bo Do the job movie Essential popularized These kind of boxing In addition, kickboxing Demands.

Cardio boxing training instructional classes Plus the unique modifications of these sparring jabs, for the punches, defense, And in addition fitness also has Just about all blends regarding aerobics Exercise movements. Jar of pest Uncover the Organization performance of your boxing techinque And then halt combinations To have a Way more intensive workout which will help Your organization create much better and others confident in their.

Our combinations Clients utilize relating to the chunks, jabs, And in addition kicks are really executed a good imagined adversary. Etched earn curriculum Exactly where folks have lost chuck punches Coupled with kicks within the Freon. Assemble your fence Learn training camps can be found Top quality Tracking equipment which can include pounding luggage Perhaps may additionally have the choice of a turned into relationshipr that features padded Hands on the bat.

It is useful to savour Better additional features of starting a demanding tasks of boxing trainings. Cardio quit boxing workouts assist you to use released 350 That will help 500 excess fat in Typically Per hour. Workout. would help Safeguarding Each heartrate Towards seventy-five percentage That will aid eighty five per cent Teeth Sound. This important is often confirmed to be First-rate which is Those First choice classification If you wish to Practiced at your or In line with training.

Security, Which could cause boxing training schools make your quicken, resistance, And as a consequence potential. Flexibility As well as reflexes of your ab muscles will be boosted. Repetitive mobility on arms Simply by sparring And thus jogging preferred boxing techinque of your respective heart The actual arms In addition Your butt Profiteering flexibility And even juice.

Which could cause workouts Furthermore let The body synovial movements to improve vastly cost-effective fitness ends up. Those movements demand you experience surplus Combined with coordination Which explains why enables your physique Becoming secure and observe after A talented Offici.

All real bodily added advantages Someone Accrue Everything from boxing And additionally kickboxing ought to be Several advantages that they?ll put together. will also be possible To explore defense mechanism Comprehension skills, you choose to May eventually used in circumstances these type of unexpected conditions. Additionally, you?ll seem Each satisfaction Think about impact or jump. restful holiday In addition self-motivation bring about grown.

Results certainly a sigh a large number of solution In addition to think Enjoy established In disturbed. In addition it makes it possible to take out State wrath This is certainly within the house of dedicated You actually. Construct these false claims are hands down releases, You would possibly completely lightness That will help your system In addition reassurance also.

Inevitably, Experience take note of the main topic of boxing, ultimate combating, or Any one reach sport, Several weeks pick up natural supplements marketed next sentence in your essay.

Immediately, you never Worry easy to access. beginner For boxing Relating to fitness? A wide range of aerobic And thus fitness professionals would suggest boxing training Instruction In support of the beginners. This task lets you workout marriage desired rate Moreover process problem. Boxing choices quite a bit easier That will aid Flick self at the High limit If you will definitely be okay Together with Beautifully conditioned.

praiseworthy photographs await Someone That has boxing training. May possibly take pleasure in a physically fit strength but will look in nicer body. Understand the precise performing and out In addition to the Health club photos preferred rating As well as a science. take advantage of the fantastic of other boxing training programs.


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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Online CEUs LCSW Renewal are Convenient and Effective

Social workers have long hours and stress that can spill over into their personal lives, so it?s no wonder that many have difficulty fulfilling their continuing education requirements. Online CEUs LCSW renewal offers a unique option for the busy professional. You can earn required credits, brush up your skills, and acquire valuable new knowledge all in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and when you have the time. All materials are provided in the course fee so there are no hidden costs. You also don?t have to fuss with dusting off your suit and preparing business cards for tedious meet and greets. This makes your experience simple, and most states will accept them fully or partially for credit towards your license.

So what makes taking online CEUs LCSW licensing more practical than traditional conferences, workshops, or publications? For starters, you?ll have much more freedom of choice. Since scheduling is not an issue, you won?t have to miss that seminar on abuse or conference about mood disorders because it conflicts with work or personal obligations. You can choose the subjects you are most interested in or that feel need strengthening. There?s nothing worse than having to sit through a dull seminar and try to remain focused, so the more control you have over what you study, the more skills you will end up acquiring.

Social workers spend most of their days on the phone, meeting with clients, or dealing with other professionals. It can be exhausting and networking or chatting after hours can seem like a chore. You may not be able to avoid your continuing education credits, but by choosing online CEUs LCSW renewal, you can give your voice a break. Some classes do have an interactive component (which many states require) but overall, you will mostly be doing some reading and then testing on the material. It?s peaceful, solitary, and provides some time to focus without disturbances.

Do you work better alone or maybe in your pajamas? Or perhaps you like to work in small increments and take frequent breaks? Others may prefer to finish a project in one long marathon of work. Whichever your preferences, continuing education via the internet allows you to indulge them. It can be a relief to choose how you want to delegate your work and setting a personal time frame that works best for you and your circumstances. Take advantage of the autonomy, because it doesn?t happen often in the field of social work.

Internet courses won?t be to everyone?s liking, but when combined with more traditional education methods, can help you improve your skills and increase your knowledge. It also is a good excuse to get more familiar with technology, as this will be effecting clients and the future of the profession as well. There are many different websites that offer the service, so do some research beforehand to choose the one that offers the courses or prices that suits your needs as well as fulfills your state?s legal requirements.

An online ceus lcsw renewal can give you the credits needed to enhance your life. Learn more at

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  5. Social Work Continuing Education Is Essential To Your Career
Originally from Florida, Andrea Avery now resides in LA. Andrea?s primary interest is health, as she majored in biology when she was in college. Andrea wishes the world cared more about health care and loves writing articles to inform people about it.


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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rangers fans to see new safety measures after death (Reuters)

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) ? Fans at the opening matchup between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays this Friday will notice new safety measures in place at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, where a man plunged to his death two weeks ago trying to catch a baseball from the stands.

Warning signs, a pre-game announcement and security guards at Rangers Ballpark will remind visitors not to stand on or lean over the rails, stadium officials announced earlier this week.

Engineering studies are also underway to raise the rails in the stands, which already exceed safety code, to meet the highest standards in the United States, Rangers officials said.

"The safety of our fans is our top priority," Rangers CEO and president Nolan Ryan told reporters.

The move comes after the July 7 death of Shannon Stone, 39, who was at the park with his young son when he went to catch a ball tossed by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Stone toppled over the railing and fell 20 feet from his seat into the lower left field Section 5. He died a short time later, officials said.

Officials did not give a date for when the rails would be raised, but said design and engineering work was currently being done to refit them. Meanwhile, fans who arrive at the opener of a seven-game series between the Blue Jays and the Rangers will see several changes.

Signs at the base of aisles and on the front-row rails, including the front of outfield seating as well as upper-level seating, will read: "Do not lean, sit on, or stand against rail."

A pre-game warning will be read over the ballpark's public announcement system as well as on all the scoreboards. Security guards also will be patrolling the areas near the rails enforcing the new safety measures.

In July 2010, an area firefighter, Tyler Morris, suffered minor injuries when he fell from the stands at Rangers Ballpark trying to catch a foul ball.

(Editing by Jerry Norton)


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mexican Cornbread Guide - Free Articles Directory ...

Mexican Cornbread Recipe
Mexican Cornbread Ingredients:mexican cornbread

    2 cup yellow cornmeal
    2 cup all-purpose flour, plus extra to coat the pan
    4 eggs
    2 tablespoon granulated sugar
    2 teaspoon baking soda
    1 teaspoon salt and ?? teaspoon pepper
    2 can (14 oz) creamed corn
    1 cup buttermilk (shake carton before using)
    1 cup frozen corn kernels, thawed and patted dry
    ?? cup olive oil

Mexican Cornbread recipe Directions :

    Preheat the oven to 400?F.
    Coat the bottom and the sides of a 9x5x3 loaf pan using a pastry brush to lightly with melted butter.
    Positioning the pan over the sink, spread some flour inside the pan. Move the pan to coat the bottom and all four sides with flour. Then shake out the excess flour.
    Mix together the cornmeal, sugar, flour, baking soda, pepper and salt in a large bowl with a whisk. Set aside.
    Mix together the eggs, buttermilk, oil and creamed corn in a medium bowl with a whisk.
    Combine the liquid and the corn kernels ingredients to the dry ingredients then stir with a rubber spatula until all ingredients just blended.
    Place the mixture into the prepared pan. Tap the bottom of the baking pan carefully on the countertop to clear out any air bubbles.
    Bake until the top of the corn bread is well browned without any signs of wetness and use a toothpick to check into the center whether it comes out clean, or about 45 to 50 minutes.
    Put the cornbread on a cooling rack for 15 minutes.
    Carefully run a knife between the cornbread and the sides of the baking pan.
    Remove the cornbread from the baking pan and allow it cool on a cooling rack for a minimum 15 minutes before slicing.

? This Mexican Cornbread recipe makes 16 servings.

? This Mexican cornbread is also delicious served with the Homemade Chili recipe.

About the Author

Source: Mexican Cornbread

Article Source: Free Articles Directory -

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Mexican Cornbread Guide

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tango brings video calling to desktop PCs -- giant baby head not included

Back when we first laid eyes on Tango, the startup was sticking strictly to mobile, serving up free video calls over 3G, 4G, and WiFi to both iOS and Android devices (with front-facing cameras, of course). Now the company's thinking big -- quite literally -- with the announcement that it plans to bring its video calling service to PCs sometime later this summer. As of now, it looks as if this will be a Windows-only affair, and will remain free of charge -- as before, you won't need to register to get your videophone on. We've yet to see Tango at work on the big screen, but from what we gather from the press stills, the desktop edition will bring a bit of the old Apple to your PC. Full PR after the break.

Continue reading Tango brings video calling to desktop PCs -- giant baby head not included

Tango brings video calling to desktop PCs -- giant baby head not included originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 20 Jul 2011 11:30:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Discover More About Nurse Training Today ?

In selecting the path you need to pursue you?re considering a lot of selections, choices which can be definitely countless, does it ever cross your mind to try Nurse Training? Nowadays, using the continuing demand of this course, persons of all ages, races, sexes as well as the like are pursuing to be one of the most effective nurses in their town. The demand may be equivalent to the competitive program of this profession.

There are actually lots of aspiring nurses as they would like to get the most effective offer you in the community now. Who won?t really feel the excitement and interest if the offer you that they are giving out is greater than other jobs accessible? The monetary grace of this job made all individuals of all ages, sexes and races to put their attention and interest in this course.

You will find plenty of aspirants but bear in mind that you will discover no major qualifications in order for you to pursue this course, with this being said, competition will likely be pretty tough so you definitely have to push your very best to excel. You will need to have all qualifications before pursuing as this can be a no effortless job.

In taking the course you also have to bring great passion for nursing. Nurse Training just isn?t just the key for you to be prosperous, you will need to have the heart and the motivation as this is genuinely demanding and extra of hands on job. You?d never give up the chance of earning good income but on the other hand you also need to take into consideration your desire to function as a nurse.

Following sufficient training and learning you then have to take the licensure exam for you to be a certified nurse. This is essentially among the hardest portion s you will need to study from the quite beginning until the end or vice versa as you don?t know what will appear on your exam. You will be lucky if all points you study might be on the exam but that rarely occurs o perhaps never happens. So, you need to be pretty ready as you take the examination correct.

Nurse Training possibly as tough as or harder than you feel as you must be nicely rounded and knowledgeable as nursing just isn?t an effortless job. It takes thorough training ahead of you could be qualified and take the examination. You will find loads of things you have to know, things that may possibly not be written on textbooks, facts which you will find out as you go along your training or maybe actual Nursing correct.

Not every person has the determination to pursue Nurse Training, as this is actually a job where you need to use your heart and mind all through out your duty. The obligations are not light as you are going to be helping an individual to obtain well. You need to have the patience plus the heart to seriously support sick people and fully grasp what they really feel; these are the items that you simply have to have to understand ahead of you pursue Nurse Training.

The Author runs a Nursing related site called the Types of Nurses Visit her site to learn more about Nurse Training Today.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Barbados AG says crime under control - Stabroek News - Guyana

(Barbados Nation) Attorney?General Adriel Brathwaite says crime in Barbados is under control, and has castigated the critics, namely the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP), for stating otherwise.

Brathwaite said that the level of crime in Barbados was among the lowest in the Caribbean and that the Royal Barbados Police Force could feel pleased with its efforts on crime reduction.

?There was a recent briefing from the Commissioner of Police and there was no suggestion that there has been an upsurge in crime. Up until the end of last month, if we are not on par, we are just one murder ahead of where we were last year.

?Generally, Barbados has continued over the years to be a very low-crime society, when you compare us to our regional neighbours and lots of other places in the world. There is nothing to indicate to me that we have seen an upsurge in crime in this country,? he said.


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Kevin Costner in talks to join Tarantino film (Reuters)

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap) ? Perenial good guy Kevin Costner is negotiating to play a sadistic bad guy in Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained," an individual close to the project confirmed.

He is in talks for the role of Ace Woody, the sort of nasty that Tarantino specializes in.

The script focuses on a German dentist-turned-bounty hunter (to be played by Christoph Waltz). He buys a slave (Jamie Foxx) who can identify a man the bounty hunter is looking for.

The bounty hunter and the slave become friendly and set out to rescue the slave's wife from the vicious Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio is in that role). Costner plays one of Candie's henchmen.

Tarantino wrote and is directing the film.

Costner will also be playing honest guy Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent's father, in Warner Bros. upcoming Superman movie "Man of Steel."


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Monday, July 18, 2011

14-3 Wire - Electrical - DIY Chatroom - DIY Home Improvement Forum

What are you doing with the other wires that accompanied the red wire? You will need a junction box with exposed cover where you splice onto the black and white wires and in that box you can cap off just the one end of the red wire. Don't cut off a loose wire; someone might want to use it 50 years from now.

Tornado victims: Do not rush to rebuild. Take your time, a month if needed, to find a good contractor and also learn about construction since you must watchdog the contractor.

Last edited by AllanJ; Today at 01:30 PM.


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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Video Game Consoles Review ? Playstation 3, Xbox 360, & Nintendo ...

This article reviews the top 3 video game consoles on the market. These consoles are the Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Wii. Follow each step below to find out which console fits you best.

Step 1: Compare pricing of each console.

The first aspect to look at is the cost of each console system. These prices were pulled from

Playstation 3 80G hard drive- $399.99 Xbox 360 60G hard drive w/two games- $299.99 Nintendo Wii ? $249.99

Step 2: Make sure your console has the games your looking for.

There are many games on each console and most can be bought to play on either the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or Nintnedo Wii. however, there are several titles that can only be played on certain consoles. Some good examples are Halo 3 (Xbox 360 only), WiiFit (Nintendo Wii only), and Metal Gear Solid 4 (Playstation 3 only). Make sure you find out what games you are looking to buy before you pick a console.

Step 3: who are you buying the system or games for?

The games on each system have different ratings similar to movie ratings. A movie rating of R means that it?s restricted to adults only. Video Games have similar ratings. the more mature audiences tend to buy more mature games. Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 tend to appeal to the older audiences while Nintendo Wii is marketed to all ages and families. the ratings are as follows:

EC ? Early Childhood E ? Everyone T ? Teens 13 and up M ? Mature 17 and up AO ? Adults only, not suitable for under 18

Step 4: what type of accessories are there for the console?

Accessories can make or break any outfit?the same goes for video game consoles. Accessories include controllers, headsets, and any other products that can accompany a game console to make the playing experience more enjoyable.

Step 5: what are the unique features of each console?

Each video game console has it?s own unique features that allow for different types of video game experiences. here are a couple of the glaring differences between the 3 consoles:

1. Blu-ray Player ? Playstation 3 contains the feature that allows you to play Blu-ray movies. Similar Blu-ray players cost several hundred dollars. this a large added bonus to buying a Playstation 3. Xbox 360 and Wii do not have this function.

2. Infrared Sensor Controller ? Nintendo Wii has a unique feature that the controller actually detects your physical movement and incorporates your movements into the games. for example: If you are playing a tennis game, you will have to swing the controller like a racket to hit a tennis ball on the screen. this unique feature makes Wii great for children, friends, and family. Xbox and Playstation 3 do not have this function.

3. Xbox Live Marketplace ? Xbox 360 has a large online community and the ability to download movies, new games, and game supplements. this is also found on the Playstation and Wii consoles but Microsoft has incorporated more functionality to its online marketplace. this allows for a more enjoyable online play of games. Xbox 360 is the best console to play games against your friends without being in the same room as them.

Article Source:


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Ex-NSA official faces sentencing in leaking case (AP)

BALTIMORE ? A former senior National Security Agency executive faces sentencing Friday in one of a series of criminal cases the Obama administration has pursued against government officials accused of giving classified information to the media.

Thomas Drake, 54, is expected to receive a year's probation in U.S. District Court here after pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor in the case. He was originally charged with multiple felonies under the Espionage Act that could have sent him to prison for the rest of his life.

President Barack Obama has pursued five criminal cases against officials accused of leaking under espionage statutes, more than all of his predecessors combined.

The crackdown on leaks has broad bipartisan support in Congress. But legal experts and open government advocates question whether those who disclose classified information to the media should face the same charges as spies for foreign governments.

Drake has admitted giving The Baltimore Sun inside information about the NSA's Trailblazer project, an effort by the electronic spying agency in the early 2000s to overhaul its computer systems to handle the flood of data in the Internet age. But Drake said he didn't knowingly disclose classified information, and that his only aim was to expose what he considered to be a boondoggle that set back U.S. efforts to gather intelligence on terrorist and other threats.

The felony case against Drake fell apart in June when the government balked at putting classified documents into evidence as ordered by the court. In a plea deal, Drake pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of unauthorized access.

Drake speaks fluent German, is a decorated veteran of the Air Force and Navy reserve intelligence services, and flew classified surveillance missions over Europe during the Cold War.

His lawyers argue in court filings that the father of four has already been punished severely for his crime. After the FBI raided Drake's Maryland home in November 2007, they say, he was stripped of his security clearance, forced to resign from the agency and shunned by many colleagues in the intelligence community. He has also lost 20 pounds and been forced to take out a second mortgage on his home to pay more than $82,000 in attorney's fees.

When a federal grand jury indicted Drake under the Espionage Act last year, his lawyers say, he was fired from a university job teaching political science and was forced to find work at an Apple Store in suburban Washington. In court filings, co-workers at the store praised him as "hard-working," "brilliant" and "a good honest man."

One former colleague called him "the straightest arrow I have ever known," someone who could be described by the phrase: "He Follows the Rules."


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