Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 Ways To Save Money On Pest Control - Saving the Family Money


One of the joys of Motherhood is being woken at midnight and told there is some kind of ?beetle? in the kitchen {insert sarcasm}. ?Only to realize it?s a ROACH! ?I pride myself on adding to my SAHM resume, including exterminator 24/7. ? I saved my 12 year old son from walking into a spider web yesterday too! ?:)

If you live in Florida, you are probably familiar with the dreaded cockroach. ?I?despise?them so much I had to use a drawing for this post instead of a REAL picture! ? Apparently we?ve been fortunate enough to avoid them coming in the house thus far, since my kids don?t even know what they are called. ?Which is good because when I was a kid they?d invade my room in the middle of the night. We lived in a highly wooded area where they dwell. ?Heavy rains can also cause them to look for dry shelter.

Today I?m calling the exterminators to come help us out and I thought I?d share a few tips on how to save money on home pest extermination.

1. Do it yourself ?- This goes without saying. ?You can either take care of them?individually?as I did yesterday, or take further action for a bigger problem. ?It?s good to do an examination of your home and seal up any cracks or?crevices?that bugs maybe using to gain access to your home. ? If you decide to use chemicals or homemade?deterrents? be sure to research it first. ?Especially if you have kids or pets. ?I have heard that the home?improvement?stores only carry the low grade stuff. ?If you want the professional spays, try Amazon. ?The type of DIY you do, will also depend on the type of pest you are having a problem with.

2. Ask friends and neighbors ? Many companies will give both the customer and referrer a bonus or discount for referring the company. ? We referred our neighbor to the yard fertilizer company we used. ?They had recently moved in and asked us how we got our lawn to look so good.

3. Pay up front ? Some companies want to secure your?business?and will give you a % off for paying for a years worth of service up front.

4. Pay as needed ? Depending on your area, and you may need to live there a while to determine the frequency of your pest issues, you can use pest control on an as needed basis. ? We have been in our current home for 7 years and I know that the rainy season is when we have the most issues. ?So instead of paying monthly for the entire year, I opt for the 3 month service, during that season.

5. Avoid escalation ? Pests attract other pests and if you don?t take care of a small problem, it could get bigger. ?Save money now by taking care of a small problem. ?This is especially the case with termites who can destroy the structure of your home. ? One year we had a skink take residence in our garage. ?We had a roach problem in the garage and it was his food source. ?I didn?t mind this natural food chain method of pest control. ?As long as the skink stayed out of my way!

6. Get a Cat ? No seriously they love to hunt and will spend hours investigating a bug. ? Of course this is my shameless plug to adopt a pet. :)

Do you have any ways to save money on pest control or DIY tips to share? ?Please leave a comment.


Source: http://savingthefamilymoney.com/5-ways-to-save-money-on-pest-control/

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