Friday, June 7, 2013

China Moves From Pollution Targets to Measurable Results

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China is at a crossroads, needing to move beyond targets and focus on tangible, measurable results in order to solve growing pollution challenges, according to The China Greentech Initiative's China Greentech Report 2013: China at a Crossroads report.?


Targets specified in the current 12th Five-Year Plan are being outpaced by the impact of rapid growth and urbanization, despite China investing over $67 billion in greentech during 2012, the largest amount in the world. China?s new leadership has repeatedly voiced both concern and commitment to change which, coupled with growing public concern, marks a historic opportunity for China to reverse environmental degradation while maintaining economic growth.


The China Greentech Initiative asserts that an eight-point new approach is required to achieve results from China?s continuously increasing investment in greentech. This approach emphasizes collaboration among business and government to design and implement integrated greentech solutions.


?This year?s Report is a departure from past years in that it not only provides clarity on the main financial and policy drivers influencing greentech in China, but also recommends a new approach that can be applied to current and planned investments," said Alan Beebe, CGTI Managing Director of Research and Delivery.


Mr. Beebe added that the new focus reflects the need for companies to develop collaboration models that focus on integration amongst multiple stakeholders, an increasingly critical success factor for greentech projects in China.



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