Saturday, June 8, 2013

What's the future of mobile gaming? - Talk Mobile

As much as mobile technology has advanced in the last five years, the evolution and revolution of the next five years is going to be even more drastic. Who would have thought that today we?d have cellular data connections that outstrip most hardwired home connections, or screens with pixels so small we can?t discern them with the naked eye? Or that we?d be cramming all of this into phones a quarter of an inch thick?

Five years ago the best games we had were basic racers, two-dimensional strategy games, and variations on board and card games. Today when you fire up your app store there are graphically-rich racers, intense shooters, interactive puzzles, physics engines put to work powering animated slingshots, and so much more.

Just what does the future hold in store for mobile gaming?

Let?s get the conversation started!



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