Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fresh Paint finds its way to Windows Phone 8 devices

DNP Fresh Paint finds its way to Windows Phone 8

Fresh Paint, the digital art app born on Windows 8, has finally migrated to mobile devices, and starting today, aspiring artists running Windows Phone 8 can fiddle with its brushes to their hearts' content. This new, simplified version doesn't make any major departures from the Windows 8 application; you can still mix pigments to create custom hues, share your creations via text, e-mail and SkyDrive and add filters to your photos to make them look like paintings or sketches. It's worth noting that WP8 doesn't support styluses, so you'll have to make do with finger painting or a capacitive stylus without pressure sensitivity. To download the free app, head over to Windows Phone store, linked below.

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Source: Windows Phone Store, Windows Phone Blog


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