Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fri Jul 26 '13 Announcement from Village Health Center in West Africa

As you can see from our indiegogo webpage, the Village Health Center is a shovel-ready project. ?Unlike some other crowd-funded campaigns, we organized everything before starting to fundraise. ?In fact, you can download detailed budgets and blueprints to see exactly where your contributions go.

Since the indiegogo campaign only pays for the hospital's construction, it doesn't address the villages' plans to manage the hospital once it's built. ?Here are a few more details:

1. The Association of Cocoa Growers in Dagnigan--(the plateau region of Togo exports cocoa as a cash crop)--has donated money for the initial purchase of medicines. ?After that, the hospital will charge a modest fee for services to ensure financial sustainability.

2. A committee of Red-Cross trained volunteers including Yawobio Otchotcho, the project director, and other community leaders, will oversee hospital operations.

3. The villages will hire two full-time employees, a nurse and a midwife, to work in the Village Health Center. ?(In Togo, doctors only work in urban hospitals.)

4. Among many other services, the health center will vaccinate children against measles, yellow fever, hepatitis, typhoid, meningitis, and other preventable diseases.

5. The health center will also treat malaria, a leading cause of death among children, and substantially reduce complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Dagnigan and the other villages are only waiting for funding to begin construction. ?This is a very rural area that desperately needs a hospital. ?Because the government of Togo has abandoned its responsibility to provide infrastructure in rural areas, they need our help. ?Every donation helps to provide a dignified qualify of life for 6,000 women, men, and children in Togo.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far. ?Please continue to help us spread the word about the Village Health Center project.


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