Monday, July 15, 2013

Issah's former high school coach saddened by news of latest arrest

Zayd Issah is synonymous with some of the highest highs in Glenn McNamee's ultra-successful coaching career at Central Dauphin High School.

There was, of course, the magical state championship run in the fall of 2011, Issah's junior season at CD.

Since McNamee arrived at Central Dauphin as an assistant in 2002, the coach says Issah is also the single most heavily recruited player the program has produced, and one of the fiercest competitors he's ever seen.

A saddened McNamee understandably had little to say about Issah's latest brush with the law ?in a brief interview Saturday: all he knew about the case to this point is what he'd read or heard on the news.

But McNamee did want readers to know that there is another side to the youth who has made headlines or all the wrong reasons this year.

"The young man that we coached and who came through our program was a fine young man that we really enjoyed having in our program, and he was a really good representative of our program," McNamee said.

Not always a perfect representative, of course.

McNamee suspended Issah before a key game with rival Bishop McDevitt in 2012 for a violation of team rules.

"I love to play football. I don't want to stop," he said that night. "And I'm glad they didn't take that chance away from me."

And one way or another, McNamee will get to see how Zayd Issah's choices turn out. Issah's younger brother will be entering Central Dauphin High School as a freshman next month, McNamee said. He, too, has plans to play football.


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