Sunday, July 14, 2013

Will Washington regulate packaging of marijuana edibles?

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Pot Tarts, Ring Pots and Munchy Ways ? the names might sound familiar, but these aren't candy: they're marijuana-laced edibles.

?It?s insane," said a mom at Howard Amon Park after hearing about the special candy.

In the same day and age when Tide is fixing their packaging to stop kids from eating their pods, pot companies wanting to do business in newly legalized Washington state are doing the opposite.

A packaging comparison between Pot Tarts and Pop Tarts is literally the difference of one letter.

?There needs to be the same laws for the type of packaging as there is for cigarettes and alcohol,? said concerned mom, Amanda Riedinder.

What Riedinder wants is exactly what a group of concerned parents are lobbying our state legislators for.

They are asking for rules to ensure pot wrappers "not bear a reasonable resemblance to packaging of any commercially branded candy that is not a marijuana-infused product."

It's because although the draft rules released last week prohibit advertising within 1,000 feet of schools or playgrounds and not using ads that with cartoon characters that appeal to kids, there's nothing about packaging or labeling.

?It's hard enough raising kids in this day and age and now we have to worry about them getting their hands on something they think is candy when it?s drugs,? questioned one mom.

"How many kids have to accidentally buy these before someone gets sick from it or dies?? said Jennifer Chambers, a mother and owner of a candy shop in Howard Amon Park.


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